[reprap-dev] Heated Room, any one using it? NopHeat "Wooden overcoat"??

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Fri Sep 24 10:33:47 PDT 2010

On 24 September 2010 18:27, Bogdan Kecman <bogdan.kecman at crsn.rs> wrote:

> I am using heated chamber with modified darwin design (rapman modified by
> replacing most acrylic parts with aluminum and abs) and 70C chamber
> temperature does not damage any of the parts (I was worried about 1/12"
> pitch timing belts but the trick with spring from laundry pin doing auto
> tensioning solved the problem, the belts will probably die eventually but
> for now they work ok). I added the external heater to the chamber but
> removed it eventually as heat from the heated bed is ehough to heat the
> whole chamber. Power consumption is high initially (500W) but very low when
> target temp is acquired.
> wrt part quality - wrt warping - it is very good, wrt overhangs and void
> spanning - it is awful and I'm struggling to solve that problem but it looks
> like dual material is the only way to

Yes spanning and overhangs are a problem on a heated bed even.

> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 6:37 PM, Casainho <casainho at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello.
>> I am losing faith on a printer done using printed parts, because I
>> think a good printer needs to have an Heated Bed and/or Heated Room. I
>> have an Heated Bed and even with it I get some corner warping. Also
>> the total power needed by extruder + heated bed are very high!! which
>> I think would be 10x lower if using an Heated Room.
>> Is anyone using an Heated Room with Mendel using printed parts? like
>> NopHead http://hydraraptor.blogspot.com/2010/06/wooden-overcoat.html
>> ??
>> NopHead, are you still using your Heated Room? any problems with it?
>> are ABS Mendel parts hanging? do you think Heated Room helps in
>> avoiding warping? and what about power usage of extruder + Heated Bed?
>> I am thinking if I should or not invest on a cheap (1000€) 40W CO2
>> laser from China and build my Mendel of wood, just like
>> Makerbot/LaserCut Mendel: http://reprap.org/wiki/LaserCut_Mendel -- I
>> think wood + screws + belts and stepper motors should handle well 50ºC
>> (or higher??) of Heated Room while ABS parts don't.
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