[reprap-dev] Fwd: [Open Manufacturing] 3D-CUPS - printer management software?

Alessandro Ranellucci alex at primafila.net
Tue Dec 6 05:17:43 PST 2011

On 3-12-2011 at 1:33, Triffid Hunter wrote:
  >Would that kind of thing make any sense to you?

Hello Triffid, hello Peppe!

I don't see any interest in locking 3D printing under a system 
like CUPS. What would the benefit be? It would just add a 
dependency to run a printer, and it would limit temperature 
monitoring and manual commands. Even queueing prints is not an 
issue, as most of us don't have any automated way of removing 
objects from the build plate, so what's the point?

Talking about "3D CUPS" has a secret appeal: it makes one think 
about an *easy* 3D printing toolchain that doesn't require much 
calibration and configuration but only a click-and-print interface.
Well, this is the point. Efforts should go towards developing 
new, smart, easy to use, yet flexible software, as well as 
electronics with network support etc.

Why the need of a foundation? A mailing list to coordinate 
efforts and protocol definitions between firmware, host software 
and slicer developers would be sufficient. I doubt there's real 
interest or convenience, though.

- Alessandro

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