Ultimaker's v1.3 PCB

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Ultimaker electronics PCB
Version specific info
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Ultimaker RAMPS v1.3 PCB

Release status: unknown

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Description A 5 axis RepRap ArduinoMega Pololu Shield
License GPLv3
Author Jan-Jaap S., ErikDeBruijn
Based-on RAMPS
CAD Models none
External Link none

Version 1.3 replaces v1.1 and 1.2 PCBs, though the v1.1 version currently is documented most extensively. Apart from being an Ultimaker board, it is officially supported RepRap electronics as it is directly "RAMPS" based: RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Stepper. It will be available from the Ultimaker store and other stores that want to carry it.

The CAD files

Ultimaker_shield_protospace-v1.3-rc1.zip ULTIMAKER RAMPS v1.3 PCB These are Eagle CAD files .zip Jan-Jaap Schuurman, December 2010

Designer: Jan-Jaap Schuurman, contributions by Erik de Bruijn and Siert Wijnia.


Still to be done! We're working on it. Please help out if you feel like it!

Changes since v1.1

  • Can carry a piezo buzzer for making sounds. We all know 3D printers aspire to be like R2D2, so this is only fair.
  • Fixed the mistake at the Mosfets (no need for cutting the LED's leads' islands at the bottom of the PCB)