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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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CURA Settings for Dual Extruder 3D Printer smileys with beer

by carterr
6,030 10 01/26/2021 01:47PM
Last Post by Marson

Manufacturetron, the next stage in reprap evolution

by Adouglas89
1,344 8 01/20/2021 03:36PM
Last Post by VDX

tmc2208 probleme ...

by linuxer
1,399 5 01/19/2021 09:46AM
Last Post by linuxer

My printers are so unpredictable. They won't just print.

628 8 01/16/2021 08:10AM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

diy 3d printer problem

by yacinebmr
2,026 7 01/15/2021 04:11AM
Last Post by jinx

inkshield programming

by djurina
420 1 01/13/2021 06:36AM
Last Post by djurina

Using E3D PT100 amp on Creality 2.2 mainboard

by nmw01223
372 1 01/13/2021 05:38AM
Last Post by nmw01223

Steps/ mm calculator.

405 4 01/12/2021 11:42PM
Last Post by CVRIV

Layer Shift in Y axis - raising Y axis current

by benkitesurfs
482 4 01/11/2021 11:47PM
Last Post by benkitesurfs

marlin corexy replicate step and dir signal only x axis or y axis..

by smeric
1,606 12 01/05/2021 08:18AM
Last Post by openfile

Strange behavior during PID Autotune Attachments

by benkitesurfs
1,983 20 01/03/2021 06:49PM
Last Post by DragonFire
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Facing issues with motors and z endstop with BTT SKR v1.4

by pvishalp19
    This topic has been moved.

Running two independent Printheads / extruder with marlin?

by hello_tom
1,070 2 01/01/2021 10:27AM
Last Post by DragonFire

Filament Movement Sensor for Marlin firmware. Attachments

by RepRot
7,174 15 12/28/2020 03:08AM
Last Post by ben_ek

I think I found the material that Stratasys uses to insulate their printers

by Regicide
1,794 12 12/27/2020 11:25AM
Last Post by Bill Clark

Measuring accuracy of 3D printed objects - your needs

by Oliver3D
1,423 2 12/26/2020 12:24PM
Last Post by VDX

Aluminium laser cutting in the UK

by witor
1,772 2 12/25/2020 02:19AM
Last Post by DragonFire

How reliable are eccentric nuts?

544 4 12/24/2020 04:55PM
Last Post by etfrench

why would one pla stick and a second pla curl and float - shrink charactoristics ??

by dansawyer
506 3 12/23/2020 11:11AM
Last Post by rq3

Need advice on best board upgrade for Ender 5 Plus

by Recoil1980
809 2 12/23/2020 02:28AM
Last Post by dc42

Quick change hotend

by Andy1989
1,927 11 12/22/2020 09:55AM
Last Post by DragonFire

Would this printer pass a dope test?

by DragonFire
561 1 12/19/2020 08:32AM
Last Post by DragonFire

Marlin Printrboard Z Motors fight when homing

by mbcomputerservices
3,004 8 12/18/2020 01:36PM
Last Post by Johnmg

linux application read data from trigorilla controller

by dansawyer
1,247 3 12/08/2020 04:24AM
Last Post by Dust

Heatbreak hole's

by VenHeelun
1,013 5 12/02/2020 08:10PM
Last Post by mcdanlj

Can't connect to hosting software

by SkeptikRC
664 5 11/26/2020 08:08PM
Last Post by Dust

Geeetech filament sensor connector

by srs5694
757 1 11/26/2020 01:31PM
Last Post by srs5694

axe Y

by 2M35
1,002 1 11/21/2020 03:32PM
Last Post by 2M35

Heated Chamber Advice

by Liens
1,624 5 11/20/2020 06:49AM
Last Post by leadinglights

Inversion of the Y axis at the end of printing

by Samu90
892 1 11/17/2020 10:31AM
Last Post by Samu90