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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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NF hotend

by jinx
1,335 9 09/23/2018 09:04AM
Last Post by jwd

Z axis homing problem

by Baalaji V
477 12 09/22/2018 09:30AM
Last Post by Baalaji V

New Thermal Bed not heating

by Yarnlover
374 3 09/21/2018 09:46AM
Last Post by Yarnlover

Users of OLIVETTI Gimax3D S2?

by ThorsenRune
605 7 09/21/2018 06:43AM
Last Post by ThorsenRune

run inverse kinematics calcs prior to runtime?

by mlagana
579 8 09/21/2018 02:26AM
Last Post by retrosenator

New Printer Design - Could do with some feedback / thoughts on spec!

by Ed3D
554 11 09/20/2018 03:38PM
Last Post by Ed3D

Control 4 steppers with Arduino Uno/Due and CNC Shield

by viktor80
416 6 09/20/2018 12:34PM
Last Post by Dust

Power Supply Noise

by Roberts_Clif
275 6 09/19/2018 10:37PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Is the Bondtech QR Meant to be Used in This Orientation? Attachments

by Garry Bartsch
231 5 09/19/2018 08:48PM
Last Post by Garry Bartsch

Got bits what can I build?

by aamcle
253 5 09/19/2018 05:18PM
Last Post by aamcle

Help with my XYZ

by Modern78
246 5 09/19/2018 04:55PM
Last Post by Modern78

How to fix cork?

by jmaurin
331 5 09/18/2018 12:05PM
Last Post by o_lampe

I can't find a solution, so I ask for a council

by johnleft
464 6 09/16/2018 01:58PM
Last Post by johnleft

lowest power printer

by retrosenator
439 9 09/16/2018 03:08AM
Last Post by Dust

Frame material - Slotted Angle

by aamcle
697 6 09/15/2018 06:04PM
Last Post by JoergS5

Considering a build - need advice

by aamcle
479 7 09/14/2018 05:14PM
Last Post by aamcle

Anet A8M Attachments

by Buster
985 6 09/13/2018 08:18PM
Last Post by madmike8

I want to add a 7 segment clock to show the ete time

by Dharani123
591 11 09/12/2018 09:48AM
Last Post by Dharani123

Help me with my 3D printer   (Pages: 1 2)

by Baalaji V
663 43 09/12/2018 09:23AM
Last Post by Baalaji V
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Ramps 1.4 USB issue

by etacovda
    This topic has been moved.

Did something dumb. Ever happen to you?

by SupraGuy
706 28 09/10/2018 02:35PM
Last Post by JoergS5
This topic has been moved.

Interest in environmental projects like "Ocean Cleanup" and more?

by VDX
    This topic has been moved.

Netfabb basic Mac alternative

by tmorris9
551 2 09/10/2018 12:58AM
Last Post by phaedrux

Cloned titan extruder review/opinion... Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by DjDemonD
17,663 123 09/09/2018 04:08PM
Last Post by mcdanlj

Multi color FDM printing patented by Autodesk, stolen from richrap?

by tleneel
790 4 09/07/2018 09:55AM
Last Post by tleneel

how safe is Octo

by jinx
314 5 09/06/2018 03:55AM
Last Post by Dust

Converting from 3mm to 1.75mm

by charlieRC
412 5 09/05/2018 06:09PM
Last Post by piper3d

Malyan M150 problem with inductive probe

by karcio
264 2 09/05/2018 12:21AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Build Own 3D printer

by Alex85Hill
572 1 09/04/2018 04:37PM
Last Post by Alex85Hill

Backlash on Z lead screw?

by aamcle
303 3 09/04/2018 01:53PM
Last Post by aamcle