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Anything related to printer controllers not being Duet, RAMPS or Sanguinololu: microprocessors, motor and heater driver circuitry, gEDA/KiCAD issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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Marlin Pins, Arduino Pins and Actual pins

by Nitram
411 3 10/28/2018 10:49AM
Last Post by Nitram

Laser to Ramps

by IsaacTheKraken
190 2 10/24/2018 01:33PM
Last Post by VDX

Ramps 1.4 and PIN D9 Attachments

by Pietrogramma
2,066 11 10/24/2018 10:44AM
Last Post by IsaacTheKraken

Einsy Rambo 1.1 + Reprapdiscount LCD 2004 issue

by serandre
414 6 10/22/2018 06:26PM
Last Post by arden

Gen 7 2.0 and teacup-arm not working with pronterface or repetier

by TheCrazyInventor
284 15 10/14/2018 05:20AM
Last Post by TheCrazyInventor

MKS SBASE v1.3 with MKS TFT 32 problems

by Broken1
292 1 10/09/2018 04:08PM
Last Post by Broken1

Heated Bed aluminium 31x31 FLSun Cube draining power

by callisto
318 8 10/08/2018 07:55AM
Last Post by callisto

RUMBA Bootloader using Arduino as ISP Attachments

by skc5741
656 3 09/29/2018 05:59AM
Last Post by Markal

RUMBA Unable to upload Marlin firmware or get RUMBA into DFU mode

by skc5741
867 7 09/29/2018 05:51AM
Last Post by Markal

Please Help identify this board name and lcd controller Attachments

by serandre
1,487 28 09/22/2018 08:14PM
Last Post by serandre

Replace a Mightyboard?

by aamcle
205 1 09/22/2018 05:42PM
Last Post by aamcle

Einsy Rambo 5v to 12v fan Attachments

by andreas.ewt
453 1 09/01/2018 07:03PM
Last Post by andreas.ewt

Advice for adding OLED display to MKS Gen L printer

by ohfurryone
426 1 09/01/2018 08:59AM
Last Post by ohfurryone

latest electronics   (Pages: 1 2)

by arjena
6,628 40 08/31/2018 03:20PM
Last Post by cjsatuforc

pronterface->Printrboard connection issues

by floee
208 3 08/30/2018 11:20AM
Last Post by floee

tronxy xy100 3d printer_melzi _3.0_v3 board - firmare- not working

by vinothparama
188 2 08/28/2018 08:23AM
Last Post by Dust

melzi _3.0_v3 board - firmare- not working-tronxy xy100 3d printer

by vinothparama
194 1 08/28/2018 08:03AM
Last Post by vinothparama

Can i Build RADDS Board?

by rastaman46
797 6 08/14/2018 11:28AM
Last Post by sumukh208

Controling multiple motors using cheap CNC shield Attachments

by piper3d
291 1 08/12/2018 03:02AM
Last Post by piper3d

Rumba MOSFET for extruders limits Attachments

by Gearsawe
219 1 08/11/2018 07:59PM
Last Post by Gearsawe

Rumba + Axis don't Move Attachments

by Darnshelm
186 1 08/06/2018 08:45PM
Last Post by Darnshelm

E1 socket not working

by tc1967uk
167 1 07/27/2018 04:18AM
Last Post by tc1967uk

[Solved] Full Graphic Smart Controller Really Dim After Powering On?

by peps1
211 2 07/16/2018 06:25PM
Last Post by peps1

Need advice in choosing the roboitc arm

by charlyj
179 2 07/16/2018 05:01PM
Last Post by charlyj

radds 1.6 arduino due configuration not working !!!

by sz3bbylA
298 2 07/16/2018 03:15PM
Last Post by sz3bbylA

Controlling stepper motors with Mini Rambo 1.3

by dekaranger00
166 1 07/16/2018 02:39AM
Last Post by dekaranger00

MKS Gen L - No USB when powered by PSU

by owend
428 1 07/15/2018 04:42PM
Last Post by owend

[solved] Rambo HeatBed Mosfet defect? Attachments

by ähM_Key
158 2 07/15/2018 06:11AM
Last Post by ähM_Key

RADDS Cant Upgrade Repetier Firmware?

by peps1
269 4 07/12/2018 03:14PM
Last Post by peps1

Reprap firmware Radds servo/bltouch does not deploy

by mrwizzard
1,498 14 07/12/2018 01:25PM
Last Post by LB