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Laser Cutter Working Group

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How to upgrade your cutting machine with a colorful controller?

by felixlaser
2,378 2 07/11/2013 12:18AM
Last Post by Pedro Quiles

need to cut down shoes hanging from power lines

by nathanpdx
2,622 9 06/20/2013 04:19PM
Last Post by sheck626

Introuce 80/120/150Watt thunder laser cutting and engraving machine

by woailuo86
4,494 4 05/13/2013 05:12AM
Last Post by Wolf Bohn

Refurbishing old NdYAG marking lasers Attachments

by VDX
1,349 2 05/06/2013 04:44AM
Last Post by VDX

Plexiglas clear cut edge

by MPower
2,773 13 04/24/2013 05:10AM
Last Post by VDX

How do you use the reprap host with a laser cutter?   (Pages: 1 2)

by Adam.m.Nelson
10,569 39 02/09/2013 04:42PM
Last Post by VDX

Birth of a new/old Universal 50W laser

by johnoly99
1,776 4 12/28/2012 04:46PM
Last Post by madthinker

Plasma Cutting Machine

by cesarqueijo
1,134 2 11/27/2012 10:15AM
Last Post by VDX

refurbishing 40W-CO2-lasers Attachments

by VDX
1,955 1 10/04/2012 03:59AM
Last Post by VDX

Cutting corrugated cardboard with a laser? Please help.

by Yvan256
8,508 8 08/14/2012 10:36AM
Last Post by VDX

Help kickstart Lasersaur (FLOSS laser cutter)

by ErikDeBruijn
3,790 18 08/14/2012 07:46AM
Last Post by VDX

RepRap and lasers   (Pages: 1 2)

by SOI Sentinel
6,632 33 08/14/2012 05:21AM
Last Post by jklaser

Cutting gold leaf - how close is possible? Attachments

by evalon
2,012 4 04/09/2012 03:50PM
Last Post by VDX

Colex Offers Automatic Finishing Solutions For Wide Format Printers

by cutterslaser
1,385 1 01/11/2012 06:17AM
Last Post by cutterslaser

Thinking about making a laser tool?

by mung
2,545 3 09/27/2011 12:23PM
Last Post by mung

Laser cladding

by VDX
1,919 1 07/14/2011 06:54AM
Last Post by VDX

Just found this in my feeds - a 2d opensource laser printer

by bobt
2,447 1 03/02/2011 10:52PM
Last Post by bobt

Laser Suppliers

by martinprice2004
1,965 2 11/08/2010 04:02PM
Last Post by VDX

Inexpensive 50W CO2 laser sintering

by fullspeceng
5,648 6 10/05/2010 10:41AM
Last Post by UOA

Laser Cutting Bicycle Rubber - howto?

by Beamer
2,648 4 09/03/2010 11:48AM
Last Post by RedRap

Laser questions for Viktor

by Jeremy
4,006 16 07/01/2010 09:34AM
Last Post by VDX

Industrial laser replacements.

by Bobinator5000
1,942 1 06/25/2010 10:31PM
Last Post by Bobinator5000

frikkin' laser beams

by deadgenome
3,326 5 03/13/2010 03:51PM
Last Post by VDX


by Jared Harvey
4,662 14 01/18/2008 05:13AM
Last Post by VDX

wooden reprap parts

by nik gaffney
3,765 7 10/03/2007 02:05PM
Last Post by tobyborland