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Firmware - experimental, borrowed, and future

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Getting more speed out of Arduino Mega

2,130 15 06/24/2015 08:43AM
Last Post by Wurstnase

Raise extruder on stop print

by casperen
1,873 1 06/16/2015 12:27PM
Last Post by casperen

reading gcode file from sdcard in cpp other than using gcodes

by prasunjoshi
1,623 2 06/16/2015 02:41AM
Last Post by thetazzbot

Curved paths

by frankvdh
2,395 18 05/28/2015 07:29PM
Last Post by frankvdh

Leveling a particular area based off the current print's size

by kasper219
1,656 4 05/22/2015 08:45AM
Last Post by Wurstnase

Teacup_Firmware: How can i add other board to the firmware?

by tatubias
2,488 2 05/19/2015 11:46AM
Last Post by tatubias

manage_heater not updated during long moves

by Gosa
1,595 6 05/16/2015 06:47PM
Last Post by dc42

Adding support for up to 16 added temp sensors???

by kasper219
1,704 4 05/09/2015 12:16PM
Last Post by kasper219

marlin(arduino mega) strange G code explanations Attachments

by hihijudy
1,725 1 05/05/2015 07:58AM
Last Post by hihijudy

Teacup - temperature control and safety

by mogul
1,703 1 05/02/2015 08:41AM
Last Post by mogul

Arduino MEGA 2650 Temperature overhead

by Smart
1,690 6 04/30/2015 07:48AM
Last Post by Smart

Firmware architecture question trajectory planning

by nilrods
1,959 9 04/22/2015 01:28PM
Last Post by ambrop7

Assigning a new pin for the controller fan

by oscarte
1,799 1 04/21/2015 01:45PM
Last Post by oscarte

manual one dir Y axis

by vangalvin
1,702 1 04/18/2015 12:17PM
Last Post by vangalvin

Including Mechanical Brake in Marlin-Software on RUMBA Board

by karl.ranseier
2,140 2 04/09/2015 07:45AM
Last Post by karl.ranseier

Problem temperature keeps raising

by Donato
1,621 1 04/08/2015 06:34PM
Last Post by Donato

Uarm based 3D printer

by tomfrombelgium
1,519 3 04/02/2015 02:03PM
Last Post by ekaggrat

What is the first file called when Marlin begins printing?

by Evil Monkey
1,765 6 03/29/2015 09:25PM
Last Post by Evil Monkey

Including Quadrature Encoder - PID positioning of DC motors into Teacup_Firmware

by unix_guru
2,504 4 03/27/2015 08:06AM
Last Post by unix_guru

borrowed (thermistor for toaster reflow) need help

by terramir
1,768 7 03/26/2015 01:33PM
Last Post by dc42

Marlin 32bit high step_rate

by Wurstnase
2,410 12 03/24/2015 01:14PM
Last Post by Wurstnase

start filament rejection Attachments

by lolohtl
1,433 1 03/22/2015 03:59PM
Last Post by lolohtl

Looking for an easily modifiable 'bare-bones' firmware.

by Capo
1,287 10 03/08/2015 06:57AM
Last Post by Capo

Changing bay on RUMBA motion controller for Extruder Stepper Driver

by SkiBum326
1,482 2 03/07/2015 11:23PM
Last Post by cat.farmer

Marlin 1.03 appeared and disapeared

by gordonendersby
1,384 2 03/06/2015 02:41PM
Last Post by gordonendersby

Help adding push button input to jog/ retract extruder for RAMPS

by alan richard
1,804 3 03/06/2015 12:08PM
Last Post by alan richard

Marlin Error:Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: 9

by Miamicraft
2,323 1 03/01/2015 06:41PM
Last Post by Miamicraft

bariCUDA Paste Extruder Support, Marlin

by jessicabrenner
1,503 1 02/24/2015 03:26AM
Last Post by jessicabrenner

Marlin endstop read

by luismanson
1,015 3 02/22/2015 03:11PM
Last Post by luismanson

I'm looking for a PostProcessor for SprutCam, that will output Gcode for Marlin

by dailafing
1,273 4 02/22/2015 07:24AM
Last Post by Traumflug