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General New Machines Topics

Designs that do not fit in other categories. Previously named "New RepStraps and Post Mendel" 
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pantograph 3d printer Attachments

by herve robert
375 19 12/08/2018 11:02AM
Last Post by MKSA

Part Cooling in a heated chamber

by forreason
101 3 12/01/2018 02:33AM
Last Post by o_lampe


by ratt
18,922 21 11/27/2018 01:32PM
Last Post by epoxi

Introducing Zatsit, a multi-innovant delta 3D-Printer Attachments

by M_Xeno
1,935 17 10/07/2018 01:56AM
Last Post by o_lampe

DRO for Z absolute position?

by mcdanlj
139 2 10/06/2018 02:35PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Construction 3D printer ?

by Dimitar
376 14 10/04/2018 03:56AM
Last Post by dc42

New fixed motor movement system?

by Heracles421
423 11 09/16/2018 10:59PM
Last Post by Trakyan

Piper 1 3D printer

by piper3d
1,703 19 09/06/2018 11:10PM
Last Post by piper3d

Tribotron - My first custom printer.

by nuverian
655 9 08/26/2018 07:03AM
Last Post by nuverian

3D Food Printer?

by unicoder
3,838 15 08/13/2018 02:37AM
Last Post by Printerstuff

My first corexz

by jaded
399 6 07/28/2018 08:57PM
Last Post by jaded

FireLine 2D motion with pulleys and two stationary motors

by ericg
305 7 07/10/2018 02:38PM
Last Post by Diggrr

Diamond shape Z axis Attachments

by OsMartynas
480 3 06/06/2018 03:13AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Design Philosophies

by Trakyan
1,321 6 05/11/2018 10:49PM
Last Post by boredom.is.me

GUS Revision

by Trakyan
1,085 22 04/15/2018 09:33PM
Last Post by MechaBits

Millennium Peregrine – High Speed Large Format 3D Printer Project - Detailed Build Diary

by CinciCliff
1,065 19 04/06/2018 09:05PM
Last Post by CinciCliff

Linear Motion and Hotend questions/ideas

by Trakyan
1,028 4 02/09/2018 10:54AM
Last Post by orbitalair

3Dtje Mini 3D Printer!

by fiveseven808
945 2 01/19/2018 05:18PM
Last Post by fiveseven808

Diffrent types of XY and Z axis - Any general description?

by martin1454
682 2 11/02/2017 11:41AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Kappa 3D printer - The next generation 3D printer hot smiley Attachments

by francis_regan
2,850 9 10/20/2017 03:52AM
Last Post by realthor

e3d volcano extruder

by jrrust
1,818 5 09/07/2017 11:32PM
Last Post by lkcl

Sintron Kossel salvage build?

by Wibbles
510 1 09/04/2017 04:13AM
Last Post by Wibbles

Do these heatbeds stay flat in use?

by mkeveney
638 3 07/11/2017 02:09PM
Last Post by cozmicray
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I3 Clone Homing issue with BLT Attachments

by Dunston-UK
    This topic has been moved.

echo:processing, doesnt stop processing, wont move

by Karzin
515 3 06/09/2017 07:44AM
Last Post by bob632


by rklauco
1,857 26 05/10/2017 09:49PM
Last Post by Jb Sebastian

heatbed silicone ruber with imported material Attachments

by sz3bbylA
588 2 04/27/2017 03:53PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Ultigcode tool change help needed.

by xile6
798 1 03/18/2017 12:35PM
Last Post by xile6

SSP Printer (Snap Shot Photo) Derivative of DLP printing

by Celcius1
925 3 12/30/2016 07:46PM
Last Post by VDX

Help X axis stops

by Chaparro1973
587 1 12/20/2016 05:49AM
Last Post by Chaparro1973