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Powder Printing and Selective Laser Sintering

You lay down a layer of powder, you fuse particles, you repeat. 
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Need small quantity of Nylon SLS powder

by Vicen
10,562 8 11/08/2012 11:22AM
Last Post by Nicholas


by Asger
3,285 6 11/07/2012 03:44AM
Last Post by hongyijig

SLS Silicon Carbide

by pch
2,803 4 10/22/2012 09:27PM
Last Post by conor

Need laser information

by martinprice2004
2,495 8 08/14/2012 05:53AM
Last Post by jklaser

Recoating blade speed

by Pulp64
1,932 3 06/21/2012 07:58AM
Last Post by proto

looking to build one of these after I finish my UAV

by baslisks
1,735 5 05/14/2012 04:55AM
Last Post by VDX

PhD Programmes at ARC Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals in Monash University

by Capo
1,953 7 02/10/2012 06:23AM
Last Post by Capo

Prototyping of Complex Bracket for Starting Block

by joe.shmit11
1,521 4 12/27/2011 04:33PM
Last Post by joe.shmit11

Powderbed Machine   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by johnrpm
8,302 67 10/20/2011 03:56AM
Last Post by VDX

DMLS newbie questions

by Autarkyboy
1,931 4 10/08/2011 10:46AM
Last Post by windprotocol

ZCorp powder model reliability

by karhong
2,215 2 09/03/2011 06:08AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Powder bed with Microwave post-process

by Buback
3,216 10 07/23/2011 03:39PM
Last Post by VDX

AdderFab from open3dp

by johnrpm
2,047 5 05/06/2011 03:46PM
Last Post by VDX

On the Fly Powder Printing Bed Attachments

by madscifi
3,259 11 03/09/2011 03:29PM
Last Post by johnrpm

Electrostatic Sintering?

by NuclearNerd
2,919 15 02/22/2011 10:16PM
Last Post by NuclearNerd

xenon flash tubes?

by ParkerĀ 
2,789 9 02/02/2011 03:23AM
Last Post by johnrpm

Z Corporation print cartridges

by anon-y-mouse
2,495 5 11/02/2010 11:17PM
Last Post by JC Wang

Nylon or ABS?

by IM
9,035 3 09/06/2010 08:44AM
Last Post by IM

Zcorp 3D printing

by tjh
2,199 4 07/04/2010 05:29PM
Last Post by 2_Robotguy_2

Powder recipes

by ksmith5135
2,190 6 06/16/2010 10:20PM
Last Post by ksmith5135

This could be the one.... (hopefully) smileys with beer

by stlouistechy
2,178 2 05/25/2010 06:27AM
Last Post by SebastienBailard

3D Printing with Toner?

by plasmator
3,101 2 05/05/2010 03:11PM
Last Post by VDX

SLM on substrate with lower melting point than powder

by Pawel
1,937 1 05/04/2010 07:55PM
Last Post by Pawel

metal powder jet fusion

by Kurt Circuit
1,928 2 04/29/2010 02:25PM
Last Post by VDX

Interesting video

by martinprice2004
1,883 1 03/20/2010 06:18PM
Last Post by martinprice2004

Plastic powder trials

by martinprice2004
2,621 4 03/18/2010 09:08AM
Last Post by martinprice2004

Inkjet-based 3D printing resources

by SebastienBailard
6,538 12 03/13/2010 03:01AM
Last Post by SebastienBailard

Image Labeling CD Burner's

by JohnnyCooper
1,733 1 02/28/2010 11:07PM
Last Post by JohnnyCooper

3d metal printed sculptures

by Anonymous User
3,157 9 02/26/2010 12:11PM
Last Post by Tim Ruffner

Simply Stintering

by Rayrap
2,202 1 02/21/2010 03:37AM
Last Post by Rayrap