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Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors

Discuss here what makes your printer moving. 
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Apply TCM2208 up to 4A?

by tiolegendnaive
48 1 02/13/2019 09:34AM
Last Post by tiolegendnaive

Dual Z nema 17's overheating

by Shreks donkey
110 9 02/12/2019 04:23PM
Last Post by Shreks donkey

A4982SLPT compatable A4988 Driver Attachments

by Roberts_Clif
167 8 02/10/2019 03:34PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Z Stepper motor not moving on DuetWifi

by sortinousn
79 7 02/08/2019 11:17PM
Last Post by sortinousn

(Another) TMC2130 Short To Ground Topic

by MarkGrindcore
226 3 02/03/2019 02:55PM
Last Post by Canyonazo

How to set up External TB6600 driver for Nema 17 Attachments

by forreason
89 5 01/22/2019 10:52AM
Last Post by forreason

Tl Smoother problem to connector

by zonalimitatore
115 1 01/15/2019 05:35PM
Last Post by zonalimitatore

Stepper driver SD6128

by masterviana
261 3 01/10/2019 10:53AM
Last Post by masterviana

New Pololu-Style driver ST820

by Yellobello
337 6 12/23/2018 11:01AM
Last Post by MKSA

Stepper motor locks up when going higher than 8mm/s

by hermanelfino
154 13 12/22/2018 10:55AM
Last Post by MKSA

Is there any reason for missed steps only at low speed

by leadinglights
180 5 12/15/2018 06:44AM
Last Post by leadinglights

TMC2130 on MKS GEN 1.4, high pitch noise only on y axis

by Broxy
567 8 12/02/2018 03:44AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Stepper Motor Adjustment

by LVerh
158 3 11/25/2018 05:08AM
Last Post by Dust

Fysetc TMC 2130 v1.0 in standalone/stealthchop mode on RAMPS 1.4?

by JoeK1973
2,869 8 11/21/2018 03:26PM
Last Post by jeffeb3

Calculating stepper driver settings

by brucehvn
257 3 10/22/2018 04:33AM
Last Post by brucehvn

A4988 and 1/8 step resolution MightyBoard.

by aamcle
187 1 10/18/2018 05:23PM
Last Post by aamcle

Solid State Relays / Question to the experts Attachments

by elvis
314 4 09/12/2018 10:44AM
Last Post by elvis

Z Motors turning on retract/unretract

by brucehvn
157 2 09/09/2018 06:36PM
Last Post by brucehvn

Leadshine hybrid servo vs Mechaduino

by vader333
219 1 08/29/2018 02:39AM
Last Post by vader333

Powering TMC2208 with external 24V PSU

by Kespa
276 3 08/28/2018 04:35PM
Last Post by Kespa

How to tune again my a4988

by Aldebaran94
403 9 07/21/2018 02:47AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Print just stopped, motor/stepper driver issue?

by Gaz83
187 6 07/19/2018 05:16PM
Last Post by Gaz83

Stepper driver for titan aero extruder

by Gaz83
337 5 07/17/2018 05:22PM
Last Post by Gaz83

MKS LV8729 , a 128 ┬ÁStep Driver // Any test?   (Pages: 1 2)

by epoxi
18,083 37 07/14/2018 08:18AM
Last Post by banzaito

Correct calculation for TMC2100 vref

by Gaz83
737 5 07/13/2018 08:06AM
Last Post by Gaz83

Would moving from A4988 to TMC2130+ improve/affect print quality?

by Lobotomy
611 10 07/12/2018 02:12PM
Last Post by LB

TMC 2130 Love-Hate Relation Attachments

by Banana_Luke
2,753 16 06/27/2018 09:08PM
Last Post by Bartje64

Testing rig for stepper drivers?

by jemenake
337 3 06/27/2018 07:09PM
Last Post by hotbutteredhtml

Mks steppers

by nod2
293 1 06/12/2018 09:07AM
Last Post by nod2

Source for brackets with 25mm on-center slots instead of 30?

by gtj
320 4 05/16/2018 11:47AM
Last Post by gtj