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Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, DC Motors

Discuss here what makes your printer moving. 
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TMC2100 driving dual Z - thermal shutdown?

by 3dflat
1,069 5 12/29/2017 04:11AM
Last Post by dc42

Can i run DRV8825 with this NEMA motor confused smiley

by aymannox
1,167 5 12/05/2017 04:09PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Great new SiLentStepStick TMC2208 is not silent ;(

by abuharsky
8,341 13 11/30/2017 11:55AM
Last Post by dc42

Which motor to choose? 1.8deg 59Ncm vs 0.9deg 46 Ncm

by fullHundo
588 3 11/24/2017 12:51PM
Last Post by fullHundo

Strange situation with stepper motor

by Darksliver
732 7 11/01/2017 08:05PM
Last Post by cozmicray

Z axis faster than xy axis

by IgorBiemann
1,100 15 10/25/2017 07:45PM
Last Post by dc42

Dual Z single stepstick

by JustSumGuy
530 3 10/24/2017 05:02PM
Last Post by JustSumGuy

Stepper driver problem Attachments

by economycar
471 2 10/23/2017 03:48AM
Last Post by dc42

TMC2208 installation?

by papilio
7,210 4 10/21/2017 07:13AM
Last Post by papilio

One of the Z motor not moving when auto home after first touch

by RevoCayne
447 2 10/07/2017 01:11PM
Last Post by o_lampe

Ramps and Nema 14

by TonyPagett
381 2 10/06/2017 02:47AM
Last Post by VDX

3d printer- STEPPER - HELP

by !v!ana
848 5 09/09/2017 07:59AM
Last Post by Dust

Speed of my stepper motors

by flydeprutten
473 5 08/31/2017 04:31PM
Last Post by flydeprutten

Unknown specification NEMA 17 stepper motor

by debojitk
1,059 6 08/25/2017 02:32PM
Last Post by dc42

closed loop integrated steppers

by yala
470 1 08/22/2017 01:32PM
Last Post by yala

Stepper motors miss stepps

by hokanp
677 7 08/20/2017 02:52AM
Last Post by hokanp

Stepper dont move but make sound Attachments

by Matttheo
724 4 08/19/2017 07:34PM
Last Post by Dust

Motors only vibrate but will not turn

by surfacelane
50,012 25 08/18/2017 01:24PM
Last Post by Ak_qail

Where'd the PWM control of my cooling fan go?

by papilio
370 4 08/14/2017 05:31PM
Last Post by dc42

Motors & Cable management (current rating)

by _Alexandre_
647 3 08/04/2017 03:27AM
Last Post by _Alexandre_

New Titan Slimline motor seizing

by fullHundo
614 4 07/05/2017 02:01AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Can You Solve This Trouble?

by display
391 5 07/03/2017 10:03PM
Last Post by display

6-lead steppers: lower current = more torque?confused smiley Attachments

by o_lampe
567 10 06/25/2017 01:53PM
Last Post by o_lampe

motor AK17/1.10F6LN1.8 too weak?

by omgalof
505 4 06/17/2017 02:45AM
Last Post by dc42

Motor stops working after a few minutes

by mic1586
403 2 06/15/2017 07:22PM
Last Post by frankvdh

NEW!? S109 (Toshiba TB67S109) Stepper Drivers??

by Careless
2,455 2 06/14/2017 01:43AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Weirdness after installing BLTouch

by RickRap
425 1 06/04/2017 03:03AM
Last Post by RickRap

Motor works at 1/16 microstep, but not at 1/2, 1/4, 1/8?

by 3dflat
598 3 05/25/2017 04:22AM
Last Post by VDX

Wich stepper motor for MKS TMC2100?

by renatortb
1,552 5 05/13/2017 12:37PM
Last Post by renatortb

DRV8825 vs TMC2100 vs THB6128

by Yellobello
26,560 24 05/12/2017 06:49PM
Last Post by dc42