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Job Shop: I need stuff made!

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Need some parts printed asap! Attachments

by Rocknail
883 2 05/09/2012 01:09AM
Last Post by Andrew Diehl

www.reprapturkiye.com Attachments

by pikelo
983 3 05/08/2012 12:08AM
Last Post by Andrew Diehl

Print these heads? Attachments

by Penny Garfunkel
1,459 9 04/19/2012 05:05PM
Last Post by Jeremiah

US: I need several high detail parts printed

by Lukea
1,180 2 04/19/2012 04:59PM
Last Post by Jeremiah

Need a small part made

by staudacher
1,524 4 04/19/2012 04:53PM
Last Post by Jeremiah

Need someone to print (7) parts ASAP

by steve
1,130 3 04/19/2012 04:41PM
Last Post by Jeremiah

Printrbot plastic parts request!

by Maverick
2,355 11 03/20/2012 05:44AM
Last Post by DeuxVis


by pikelo
975 1 03/17/2012 11:47AM
Last Post by pikelo

Parts for MMaxislider

by jjimmijj
825 1 03/16/2012 02:49AM
Last Post by jjimmijj

[USA] MendelMax frame parts + lm8uu Prusa x-y-z + Greg's extruder wanted

by Buzzard
1,241 2 03/14/2012 12:27PM
Last Post by glrra19


by pikelo
921 1 03/04/2012 08:01AM
Last Post by pikelo

Looking for a builder for a couple files Attachments

by fna
961 1 02/16/2012 05:58PM
Last Post by fna

Quote Pls - ABS - 6" x 9" x 0.5" Attachments

by surfshredder
1,136 4 02/01/2012 02:40AM
Last Post by Greg Frost

Can someone give me a quote for this - dimensions in mm Attachments

by generalenthu
2,348 10 01/29/2012 01:03PM
Last Post by DeuxVis

i would like to know if its possible

by cort1971
1,396 2 01/22/2012 05:18PM
Last Post by Andrew Diehl

Need stuff made.

by treehouse
1,022 3 01/05/2012 06:16PM
Last Post by Laurence

I need this made Attachments

by stolken
1,446 11 01/05/2012 06:10PM
Last Post by Laurence

WANTED: Gen 7 board.

by ipecacd
1,267 7 01/05/2012 04:00AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

need LMU8 holders/x-axis

by LiavK
1,055 1 11/15/2011 12:21PM
Last Post by LiavK

[closed] [UK] I need Wades extruder plastic parts

by gordon13
1,559 9 11/02/2011 06:37PM
Last Post by gordon13

I need some stuff made

by treehouse
1,044 1 10/26/2011 05:23AM
Last Post by treehouse

UK - Thinking of Building RepRap - Want to Buy Test Build

by bmsleight
1,134 1 09/23/2011 05:05PM
Last Post by bmsleight

[Closed] Need Parts for Science on Snow Globe Printed

by 00b
1,159 1 09/20/2011 12:28PM
Last Post by 00b

CLOSED - [USA] WTB LM8UU Prusa parts in ABS

by jib77
1,043 1 09/04/2011 01:32AM
Last Post by jib77

I need Orca printed parts

by TheWize
1,141 4 08/25/2011 01:04PM
Last Post by TheWize

UK - anyone up for printing a couple of test parts? Attachments

by JonEllis
1,107 3 08/25/2011 04:43AM
Last Post by JonEllis

Help, i need a Wades extruder gear. The large one.

by 420e
1,001 2 08/03/2011 11:09AM
Last Post by 420e

WANTED: Gen 7 Board (UK)

by surfsquid
1,184 4 07/17/2011 03:03AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Test Parts Attachments

by JohnE
950 4 07/10/2011 02:27PM
Last Post by rkoeppl

Can someone make me the cheapest printer for my department for Free?

by MuzzaHukka
1,898 6 06/28/2011 09:34AM
Last Post by AlanM