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Look what I made!

Here's what I made, here's a photo, and here's a link to the [[page]] on RepRaps wiki! 
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Developing an alternative design hosting site

by MarcusWolschon
758 8 01/15/2013 08:56AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

My First Larger Print - Yoda Attachments

by Jaramaniac
2,606 5 01/11/2013 04:00AM
Last Post by ecoreprap

Alternative electronics - Danguinololu

by neuronix
1,783 9 12/04/2012 02:12PM
Last Post by neuronix

RepRap t-shirt

by algspd
962 1 12/01/2012 12:30PM
Last Post by algspd

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank

by 3dyeti
5,731 9 10/23/2012 01:14AM
Last Post by Xheis

My first full bed print 350mmx225mm (14x10")

by RichardSalinas
2,042 4 10/15/2012 04:02PM
Last Post by Simba

Large 3d print of a fractal based form

by RichardSalinas
1,259 4 10/15/2012 03:53PM
Last Post by Simba

? - MDF build platform Attachments

by Mogal
1,436 7 10/15/2012 06:23AM
Last Post by tosjduenfs

New Aluminum Mendel completed

by mkeveney
2,570 9 10/09/2012 02:04PM
Last Post by mkeveney

Finished building my aluminum Printrbot

by Chris the Carpenter
1,876 3 09/20/2012 08:45AM
Last Post by tstrandberg57

Lunar Zeiss Biogon 60/5.6 replacement

by MarcoAlici
991 1 09/13/2012 04:34AM
Last Post by MarcoAlici

Largest single volume print I've seen from Prusa Mendel

by RichardSalinas
3,366 5 09/03/2012 10:25AM
Last Post by RichardSalinas

What the ? parts

by Wired1
957 3 08/29/2012 04:18PM
Last Post by Wired1

Adjustable y motor bracket for Mendel Prusa

by Wired1
1,090 1 08/25/2012 04:43AM
Last Post by Wired1

Here is a part I made for the dashboard of my car to hold an Android tablet

by crutonius
1,476 2 08/21/2012 05:18PM
Last Post by edjuh

Red Angry bird and hand painted for effect

by MotoBarsteward
1,920 2 07/25/2012 02:56PM
Last Post by VDX

non-stick flying spam

by glyn
1,415 5 07/06/2012 09:39AM
Last Post by mbhassan

Folding portable 3D printer

by mbhassan
2,570 9 07/06/2012 09:35AM
Last Post by mbhassan

Case for my Raspberry PI

by MotoBarsteward
1,853 1 06/14/2012 04:12PM
Last Post by MotoBarsteward

Vertex-foot cast in aluminium

by flashnet
2,291 10 06/01/2012 06:09PM
Last Post by flashnet

Found this instructable....Flashlight

by gcav
1,611 2 05/05/2012 09:49PM
Last Post by CarryTheWhat


by MarcusWolschon
3,452 6 04/17/2012 06:28AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

Here is what a finished 3D Printed piece looks like

by BotMill
2,531 3 04/08/2012 04:55PM
Last Post by spacexula

Look what I made....Sarrus Z linkage Attachments

by fdavies
7,669 12 01/26/2012 04:40PM
Last Post by BotMill

Filament Spindle

by gr0k
4,036 3 11/10/2011 02:57PM
Last Post by mmadore

time to show off the Prusa!

by TheCase
3,793 11 09/17/2011 01:46PM
Last Post by TheCase

PCB Milling Attachments

by MarcusWolschon
4,130 13 06/17/2011 01:43AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

dead forum?

by MarcusWolschon
2,055 4 04/24/2011 06:49AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Clip for 608 bearing Attachments

by fdavies
2,635 2 09/12/2010 12:39PM
Last Post by MattMoses

metal ecthing setup

by MattMoses
3,451 6 06/20/2010 02:58PM
Last Post by VDX