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Robo-one (30cm bipeds), tiny maze runners and hulking industrial robots, it's all cool! Here's my robot and here's the [[page]] on RepRap's wiki where you can make one too! 
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PLA mechanical pieces for robotics.

by Xanderjanz
2,418 2 06/04/2013 01:43AM
Last Post by Greg Frost

Best robotics platforms?

by xclusive585
3,170 4 02/18/2013 02:04AM
Last Post by xclusive585

RepRap Robo-One Working Party smileys with beer

by SebastienBailard
7,874 21 09/28/2012 02:11PM
Last Post by printingray

Helium Frog HF06 "SCARA" Robot

by martinprice2004
6,600 20 08/17/2012 09:49AM
Last Post by VDX

Hexapod Information Request

by martinprice2004
2,405 8 08/17/2012 07:56AM
Last Post by martinprice2004

TRobot - open hardware articulated arm robot

by Marcus
4,239 6 06/21/2012 09:42PM
Last Post by jason.fisher

My first steps in printable robotics - servo question Attachments

by nb99
3,717 5 05/28/2012 09:04PM
Last Post by nb99

New RepRap design and some robots

by mbhassan
2,223 5 05/28/2012 04:46AM
Last Post by mbhassan

Interesting Video

by martinprice2004
2,050 2 03/02/2012 03:37PM
Last Post by Augustum

Robot Grippers

by martinprice2004
2,385 2 02/14/2012 07:50AM
Last Post by VDX

making your 3d printed robot parts into metal

by johnnyb
2,783 1 02/02/2012 07:16PM
Last Post by johnnyb

flexiforce sensor please help me

by nnn123
2,742 2 11/28/2011 11:32AM
Last Post by maartenva

Unified Robotics

by JohnnyCooper
3,094 4 11/22/2011 02:02AM
Last Post by ahyutta

swarm bots stealing books spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

by VDX
2,849 2 09/13/2011 06:34AM
Last Post by Traumflug

thermoplastics and wireless transmission

by dslc
2,027 6 08/30/2011 10:07AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon


by Grogyan
4,326 4 03/05/2011 06:02PM
Last Post by DavidCary

Dedicated Robotics Forum!

by DaveR
4,252 9 12/01/2010 12:43PM
Last Post by Robo Rob