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Delta Machines

Rostock, Kossel, Simpson, 3DR, and more. See: http://reprap.org/wiki/Category:Delta. Previously named "Delta Robots and Stewart Platform" 
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Delta printer ball joints, let's talk!

by 3Dpassion
688 28 12/11/2019 05:07PM
Last Post by 3Dpassion

UBL Delta Calibration for Square Printing

by mnester
392 16 12/09/2019 09:19AM
Last Post by mnester

K200 HE3D with Rumba Board

by Modellelmi
144 5 12/06/2019 05:28AM
Last Post by Modellelmi

Advice for new large Kossel

by timncfc
198 5 11/27/2019 03:34PM
Last Post by dc42

Kossel Delta xxl build project HELP   (Pages: 1 ... 9 10 11)

by alex773
8,094 313 11/22/2019 06:57PM
Last Post by alex773

magnetic joints for delta machines

by ooly
371 13 11/18/2019 09:15AM
Last Post by ooly

Rollers for Misumi 2020? Attachments

by JohnOCFII
190 4 11/17/2019 11:32AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Buying a dusty second-hand Delta. What to do first? Attachments

by Ohmarinus
888 14 11/16/2019 09:21AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Trying to understand UBL (only probes left half of the bed) Attachments

by Ohmarinus
175 1 11/13/2019 01:24PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Removing vertical lines on prints Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by nebbian
19,933 88 11/09/2019 08:04PM
Last Post by Diggrr

Delta auto calibration

by mcrum
485 17 11/01/2019 03:59AM
Last Post by NAP1947

Building Peek/Ultem delta printer Attachments

by andornot
320 1 10/30/2019 06:18AM
Last Post by andornot

Any experince with Titan Extruder and Volcano hotends?

by disneytoy
303 3 10/28/2019 02:30PM
Last Post by disneytoy

HUGE Delta printer could use some help/advice

by IcedStorm77
389 4 10/26/2019 01:00PM
Last Post by dc42

Kinematic leveled delta printer bed, necessary?

by patnap71
508 5 10/23/2019 05:54AM
Last Post by LVD

FLSUN Delta (not mini) Setup

by NAP1947
781 26 10/21/2019 09:10AM
Last Post by NAP1947

Inconsistent Z height on Delta calibration

by siddharta
1,808 19 09/30/2019 12:50PM
Last Post by hercek

Help tune newly built delta machine

by charliefd
400 4 09/30/2019 08:19AM
Last Post by charliefd

New build questions

by SveGo
432 5 09/25/2019 01:15PM
Last Post by dc42

SD Card being detected but cannot see any content

by AndyD
378 2 09/20/2019 09:32AM
Last Post by AndyD

Carbon rods: 6mm solid or hollow 10mm dia?   (Pages: 1 2)

by o_lampe
1,627 38 09/16/2019 06:20PM
Last Post by DjDemonD

Building a large Delta, doubts about sizing.

by andrer
837 12 09/13/2019 08:14PM
Last Post by electronlove

complete kossel rebuild - need your wise advice Attachments

by Archiclem
490 4 09/12/2019 02:42AM
Last Post by dc42

delta patterning on vertical surfaces Attachments

by redscorp
653 14 09/11/2019 02:38PM
Last Post by hercek

Bringing my DreamMaker Overlord Pro back to life; rebuild...

by Gadgetman
569 14 09/10/2019 02:39PM
Last Post by Gadgetman

Z0 and the result

by PastorHealer
360 1 09/09/2019 06:08PM
Last Post by PastorHealer

New config tool crashing delta

by USSCody
493 2 08/29/2019 03:43PM
Last Post by dc42

Sintron Kossel Mini infill issues Attachments

by burk
500 2 08/13/2019 07:29PM
Last Post by dlc60

He3d K200 Question

by PastorHealer
615 9 08/11/2019 08:35PM
Last Post by dlc60

The old question: which joints for my Delta build

by Protoprinter
740 9 08/10/2019 04:47AM
Last Post by Protoprinter