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Delta Machines

Rostock, Kossel, Simpson, 3DR, and more. See: http://reprap.org/wiki/Category:Delta. Previously named "Delta Robots and Stewart Platform" 
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Ugly First Layer on Anycubic Linear Plus Attachments

by Kunj
478 3 03/07/2018 11:54AM
Last Post by eyebee

High and low spots on delta print bed - need help and advice.

by Olaf188
288 5 03/05/2018 05:46PM
Last Post by Olaf188

Carbon rods: 6mm solid or hollow 10mm dia?   (Pages: 1 2)

by o_lampe
671 36 03/04/2018 01:43PM
Last Post by hercek

Anycubic Kossel Plus try to level outside bed area

by masterviana
691 9 03/01/2018 08:27AM
Last Post by kubik256

Delta sizing?

by JanJoh
454 14 02/28/2018 03:56PM
Last Post by JanJoh

effector leveling

by deaconfrost
323 8 02/27/2018 01:04PM
Last Post by Haydn

DIY Kossel XL prints too small... And flying extruder question Attachments

by Archiclem
343 7 02/27/2018 01:01PM
Last Post by Haydn

Delta bed high and low spots - Need help Attachments

by Mils24
3,507 24 02/26/2018 02:25PM
Last Post by Olaf188

FLSUN from AliExpres   (Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10)

by LVD
33,010 295 02/24/2018 01:41AM
Last Post by Corbid

Micromake Delta noisy steppers

318 11 02/21/2018 06:35PM
Last Post by DjDemonD

self-made delta calibrating Attachments

by mga
624 7 02/19/2018 06:14AM
Last Post by mga

Kossel XL bending correction problems

by SannyGT
350 5 02/18/2018 01:20PM
Last Post by LVD

Does RADDS have the right pins to support a Smart Effector PCB?

by Lobotomy
306 5 02/15/2018 02:50PM
Last Post by Lobotomy

Magnetic push rods causing fan malfunction

by srs5694
311 10 02/14/2018 10:55AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Cycloidal drive adapter for Smart Effector [WiP] Attachments

by o_lampe
396 13 02/12/2018 02:46AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Kossel custom build problems with Z axis Attachments

by Hozza
273 18 02/10/2018 12:06PM
Last Post by DjDemonD

FLSUN kossel delta kit- z axis moving??

by Corbid
190 2 02/09/2018 03:01AM
Last Post by Corbid

incorrect height

by kyoday
267 17 02/08/2018 07:25AM
Last Post by DjDemonD

Tiny Coffeemug Delta w. Mag-rods [WiP] Attachments

by o_lampe
420 9 02/08/2018 03:42AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Delta Segments per Second Attachments

by lohiaprateek
961 15 02/04/2018 02:37PM
Last Post by lohiaprateek

Large Kossel all metal delta build log Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 7 8 9)

by DjDemonD
20,851 256 01/29/2018 07:53PM
Last Post by DjDemonD

Sloping prints on Delta/Kossel Attachments

by Focussys
307 9 01/29/2018 12:06PM
Last Post by Focussys

Two questions on a self-built Kossel (not a kit)

by srs5694
441 6 01/28/2018 08:49PM
Last Post by srs5694

Optimum dimensions for a Delta - what size is yours?

by DjDemonD
638 17 01/28/2018 02:40AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Which hardware for Delta

by albertdela
459 10 01/25/2018 01:42PM
Last Post by DjDemonD

Trying to install a 'Sick' industrial sensor on a Delta printer

by SannyGT
279 3 01/25/2018 03:12AM
Last Post by DjDemonD

compact carrier for Kossel Deltas Attachments   (Pages: 1 2)

by o_lampe
1,810 58 01/22/2018 04:36AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Perimeters misalignment on DIY Delta printer Attachments

by peterpower
345 5 01/20/2018 03:03AM
Last Post by o_lampe

iKessel - Kossel XL with ikea enclosure Attachments

by Vigilant
901 17 01/16/2018 08:51PM
Last Post by Alu

RobotDigg Aluminium Vertex 2040 3D model?

by veryevil
404 3 01/12/2018 06:37PM
Last Post by veryevil