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Polymer Working Group

Plastics, Epoxies, Resins, Photopolymerization, etc - Research, Development, Use, and Analysis -> http://objects.reprap.org/wiki/Plastics 
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Makeraser/Makelastic - Accessories for 3D Printers

by Voronoi
    This topic has been moved.

List of open designs?

by nastybyte
1,346 4 01/11/2014 10:25PM
Last Post by Antslake

Taulman Nylon 618 Printing with coloured filament

by richrap
2,273 3 01/11/2014 09:06PM
Last Post by Antslake

DLP resin printing continue'd

by hp_
1,561 7 12/21/2013 01:07PM
Last Post by hp_

Printing PVDF or other fluoropolymers

by Edvardas
1,845 5 12/21/2013 09:45AM
Last Post by Edvardas

special powder

by freerpg
2,124 1 11/26/2013 06:17AM
Last Post by freerpg

Colored SLS/MJM Attachments

by lukas9488
1,241 2 11/22/2013 08:48AM
Last Post by VDX

Chemist wanted

by nikitay
1,323 3 11/12/2013 05:44PM
Last Post by DLP_Builder

New Rubber Filament

by manixx
1,697 2 10/23/2013 05:17AM
Last Post by Traumflug

UV photochemistry based 3d printer in the LA area

by Azrael511
1,827 3 10/11/2013 01:55PM
Last Post by Azrael511

Thermoplastic Elastomer Printing Attachments

by ttsalo
7,661 6 10/03/2013 06:49PM
Last Post by OESTECH

Phidias's uv printer

by Emmanuel
2,246 1 09/24/2013 03:45AM
Last Post by Emmanuel

Old SLA resins

by ricardogaspar
1,714 4 09/09/2013 01:45AM
Last Post by arunpanchariya234

Artificial electric field muscels?

by janei
2,047 1 09/08/2013 07:36AM
Last Post by janei

Color powder for ABS?

by janei
1,642 3 09/07/2013 06:07PM
Last Post by janei

reused plastic

by CarstenT
1,279 2 08/27/2013 01:19AM
Last Post by arunpanchariya234

Dying PLA/ABS/Nylon

by poncho
5,512 6 08/23/2013 08:15AM
Last Post by Saulo Quevedo

UV curing resin for doming

by skulth
6,332 10 08/23/2013 02:34AM
Last Post by Saulo Quevedo

Visible Light / Near UV curable resins   (Pages: 1 2 3)

by spota
28,675 82 08/22/2013 08:27PM
Last Post by Saulo Quevedo

PC ABS mix? anyone make it

by 1013
2,402 3 07/24/2013 08:14AM
Last Post by Obiwankenewby

3D printing machine recomendations

by themaker
1,373 2 07/18/2013 11:09AM
Last Post by rymdluo

High impact polystyrene

by Gamer
4,822 8 07/09/2013 09:47PM
Last Post by ekaggrat

open source PLA

by poli
2,352 6 07/01/2013 05:14AM
Last Post by jason.fisher

Help me making my first LED curing resin

by aatef
2,187 2 06/30/2013 10:36PM
Last Post by Azrael511

what do you need to achieve this goal

by chris33
1,292 3 06/26/2013 08:39AM
Last Post by chris33

Help me with pvc palstic rod selection Attachments

by ghasedak
1,982 1 06/26/2013 05:59AM
Last Post by ghasedak

How did Chi Mei's Polylac become the standard ABS for 3D printing ?

by corngolem
2,709 13 06/23/2013 05:37PM
Last Post by corngolem

PLA & ABS from reprap.me - reviews

by corngolem
2,520 1 06/16/2013 12:13PM
Last Post by corngolem

What's the standard for PLA, Ingeo 4043D or 4032D ?

by corngolem
2,097 3 05/27/2013 08:00PM
Last Post by redreprap

Here is a place to get SoftPLA in 1.75mm and 3mm (Store in the USA)

by LdyMox
2,189 1 05/17/2013 02:29PM
Last Post by LdyMox