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RAMPS Electronics

Support for the quite nice RAMPS Electronics. See also http://reprap.org/wiki/RAMPS
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MKS gen L v1.0 (RAMPS 1.4) SDA/SCL?

by tru_visual
850 4 08/25/2020 06:25AM
Last Post by Dust

Own Ramps design with 5v switching regulator integrated Attachments

by DocRaptor
1,663 10 08/20/2020 07:27PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

how can I use pins D0 and D1

by leadinglights
825 6 08/18/2020 09:22AM
Last Post by leadinglights

lcd 2004 not working with ramps 1.6

by 3dprintnow
789 5 08/16/2020 09:02PM
Last Post by 3dprintnow

RAMPS 1.4 and MEGA 2560 Printer Setup Help

by JakeKusters
855 7 08/15/2020 11:39PM
Last Post by JakeKusters

Voltage drop cause print job to stop

by Abdul Mannan
568 5 08/12/2020 07:48PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Wiring npn auto leveling sensor with ramps

by 3dprintnow
548 7 08/11/2020 04:21PM
Last Post by 3dprintnow

Ramps 1.4 not powering extruder or motors

by AMpro
678 5 08/08/2020 07:47PM
Last Post by CarlosLeon

bed is not centered and is offset and Steps/mm are all over the place

by yokonzo
552 5 08/05/2020 03:55PM
Last Post by obewan

Dumb question- what is all displayed on the Ramps LCD? Attachments

by Proxlamus
722 2 07/16/2020 08:24AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

RepRap Full Graphics Display

by loesch
579 1 07/04/2020 10:07AM
Last Post by loesch

ramps 1.4 pronterface extruder not working

by beverageexpert
4,131 15 06/26/2020 04:49PM
Last Post by saeid.mgh

DIAMOND x5 on RAMPS with stepper extender x3 problem PIN D1 (DIR) on AUX-1 Attachments

by LucaSoft
633 7 06/10/2020 08:30AM
Last Post by LucaSoft

Thermistor sensor value without Firmware

by cncandi
541 2 06/08/2020 10:58PM
Last Post by Dust

Bed Thermistor - readings are off, im at a loss.

by Proxlamus
737 4 06/03/2020 02:12PM
Last Post by Proxlamus

RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Smart Controller Menu Scrolling Issue

by wxwatchr
629 6 06/01/2020 10:42PM
Last Post by wxwatchr

Problem with RepRapDiscount Smart Controller - Marlin Attachments

by Brodacz
647 5 05/29/2020 10:43AM
Last Post by Brodacz

Hotend temperature fluctuations

by brucehvn
2,651 15 05/25/2020 01:48PM
Last Post by ruggb


by smp4616
716 1 05/07/2020 04:01PM
Last Post by smp4616

Adding an external SD Card Module and seperate LCD Controller

by Schild0r
1,220 2 05/06/2020 05:47PM
Last Post by Proxlamus

IR Probe (dc42), Ramps 1.4, Digital Mode Issue

by r0bin666
645 3 05/06/2020 04:54PM
Last Post by r0bin666

Debugging RAMPS for heated bed problem

by artlam
610 4 05/04/2020 03:21AM
Last Post by Dust

TMC2209 fried - It was inserted correctly

by White.Renard
646 1 04/29/2020 09:52AM
Last Post by White.Renard

TMC2130 problems

by sxrguyinma
1,229 6 04/16/2020 08:42PM
Last Post by sxrguyinma

TMC2130 standalone stopped working

by harry93
631 1 04/14/2020 09:09AM
Last Post by harry93

Coronavirus Mechanical ventilator

by jimmyd84
703 5 04/13/2020 11:17AM
Last Post by rmurphy

Makerbase MKS Slot2 V1.0 + RepRapDiscount Full Graphics LCD + RAMPS 1.4 Attachments

by TehseenHasan
680 3 03/28/2020 07:00PM
Last Post by MrAlvin

Mosfet Installation

by zurferjoe
689 2 03/23/2020 08:10AM
Last Post by Dust

Laser LA03-5000 wiring

by Fires
2,007 4 03/12/2020 01:39PM
Last Post by riho

7805 for 12v to 5v (probe)

by niekz
689 3 03/09/2020 03:36AM
Last Post by niekz