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Printing issues ... 
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random stall, SENDING:M105 will wait forever [SOLVED maybe]

by dustynus
1,770 2 12/14/2012 12:36PM
Last Post by ducati438

Sagging, rough borders around holes, and some bobbling on corners

by marcosscriven
1,003 4 12/14/2012 04:45AM
Last Post by garyhodgson

If your PLA isn't sticking...

by marcosscriven
659 2 12/14/2012 04:16AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Finishing solid layers

by epiteszsrac21
638 2 12/13/2012 11:12PM
Last Post by IanJohnson

Printing issue!

by epiteszsrac21
677 5 12/13/2012 05:19PM
Last Post by epiteszsrac21

occasional irregular segment Attachments

by mfinn
1,124 7 12/12/2012 02:47PM
Last Post by A

Strange prusa printing issue Attachments

by maca_404
781 8 12/10/2012 06:20PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

The right side of my prints are always bad Attachments

by z3ro
948 11 12/10/2012 02:09PM
Last Post by Logrod

Setting E-steps for different materials?

by JazzyB
855 2 12/09/2012 04:44PM
Last Post by Traumflug

The "Heres my problem and heres how I fixed it!" thread!

by JazzyB
614 2 12/09/2012 06:33AM
Last Post by JazzyB

help fine tuning our printer please Attachments

by rthuey
931 8 12/05/2012 03:57PM
Last Post by Weedz

heatbed lower or higher with warping?

by Weedz
823 3 12/05/2012 03:49PM
Last Post by Weedz

Layer shift print problem

by nefermu
964 4 12/05/2012 02:19PM
Last Post by jackkollan

The extruder jams after use for a while- i know the problem, but not the solution

by Archieandwill
1,024 4 12/04/2012 06:40PM
Last Post by middenview

printing organic materials

by ravenw
597 1 12/04/2012 05:54PM
Last Post by ravenw

Problem Reloading Filament During Print

by aboforever
718 3 11/30/2012 11:58PM
Last Post by zelogik

After printing sometimes it stay in last point do not go home

by IMGeorge
606 1 11/30/2012 04:13AM
Last Post by IMGeorge

Typical print quality issues... Attachments

by aucbcam
1,003 5 11/28/2012 04:10PM
Last Post by juergen99

Z axis lifts up on start of print

by RepRapMza
813 5 11/28/2012 02:59PM
Last Post by Sniper4395

too much horizontal space, unjoined layering issue in vertical walls

by biketool
958 10 11/25/2012 12:46PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

What causes this surface finish?

by IanJohnson
1,213 3 11/21/2012 05:44PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

How to improve print quality Attachments

by Myles
1,489 10 11/19/2012 07:40PM
Last Post by Dirty Steve

Dimensions off on diagonals

by IanJohnson
551 5 11/19/2012 03:27PM
Last Post by IanJohnson

Excess material at corners Attachments

by GreyMark7650
4,042 11 11/18/2012 04:29PM
Last Post by richgain

No extruding when printing

by Myles
546 5 11/14/2012 06:49PM
Last Post by Myles

Solution to curling overhangs? Attachments

by stoof
2,420 5 11/14/2012 08:54AM
Last Post by unlucky1

Bunch of problems with PLA   (Pages: 1 2)

by eniq1on
2,602 35 11/07/2012 03:19AM
Last Post by ben11c

Dimension support material

by jimdaug
622 1 10/30/2012 01:35AM
Last Post by jimdaug

Setting Up New Printer Dimensions?

by sypher
663 5 10/26/2012 06:42PM
Last Post by sypher

Can Bridging Make This Part? Attachments

by DGC PartWorks
782 11 10/26/2012 04:09PM
Last Post by Evogenius