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Printing issues ... 
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Tevo Tornado Temperature to high

by Willbill
198 5 04/05/2019 02:31PM
Last Post by MMcLure

Can't get proper dimensional accuracy. Attachments

by Alex_1234
579 12 04/01/2019 04:46PM
Last Post by dlc60

DUE+RADDS+TMC2130 2 Issues left Attachments

by passion43d
242 5 03/25/2019 07:22PM
Last Post by passion43d

single layer shift of about 20 mm Attachments

by martinpaul
253 5 03/25/2019 08:38AM
Last Post by MCcarman

Autolevel not compensating correctly

by foul_owl
301 10 03/24/2019 08:16PM
Last Post by foul_owl

My experience with printing ABS on PEI

by brucehvn
6,940 14 03/23/2019 07:49AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Unusual print defect Attachments

by kc8iqw
237 2 03/19/2019 06:29PM
Last Post by imqqmi

Layer shift MeCreator2 Attachments

by fumo
343 16 03/19/2019 03:23AM
Last Post by fumo

bed map weird Attachments

by ShreddinPB
235 7 03/18/2019 09:12PM
Last Post by ShreddinPB

6 in 1 out all in one 3d printer

by hab
197 4 03/14/2019 10:14PM
Last Post by Dust

Is ABS warping affected at all by the hot end temp?

by foul_owl
261 9 03/14/2019 12:22PM
Last Post by sliceheart

Probe offset help

by danskinn
252 9 03/13/2019 09:59AM
Last Post by danskinn

Offset Position Problem Attachments

by hotcoffee
160 4 03/12/2019 01:14PM
Last Post by hotcoffee

Is 0.1mm retraction too much?

by nikko4913
250 7 03/12/2019 12:33PM
Last Post by dc42

Dragon with Peek filament Attachments

by lesean
179 2 03/11/2019 06:25AM
Last Post by Shank man

Extruder stepper skipping

by sfinke
383 9 03/10/2019 04:51AM
Last Post by frankvdh

Heated bed randomly takes longer to heat up sometimes

by foul_owl
175 6 03/06/2019 04:19PM
Last Post by GR

lj12a3-4-z/ax Sensor anet a8

by Lardy
148 2 03/03/2019 08:27PM
Last Post by Dust

Removing Auto Bed Level - Prusa I3

by Slammedman
183 2 02/28/2019 05:53PM
Last Post by imqqmi

Thermistor reading issues in Marlin 1.1.9

by jjfromwa
429 3 02/28/2019 11:51AM
Last Post by jjfromwa

Vase issues

by n9jcv
159 4 02/27/2019 08:00PM
Last Post by n9jcv

Z axis problem

by Rwh
254 12 02/21/2019 11:09PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Original E3d Titan on Delta - unhappy

by Bking1340
288 6 02/18/2019 01:52PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Homing issue : Z raising all the way up before homing

by Blackbool
191 3 02/17/2019 09:18PM
Last Post by Blackbool

3D Printer Returning to X and Y Home and Retracting Randomly During Print

by ellis83
341 7 02/17/2019 08:30AM
Last Post by Shreks donkey

Print sinking in any help is appreciated Attachments

by nukes88
268 7 02/14/2019 11:37AM
Last Post by dlc60

Printing Without PEI on PRUSA MK3 Attachments

by GR
2,050 28 02/13/2019 04:00PM
Last Post by GR

Anet A8 suddenly prints like crap Attachments

by dlc60
404 10 02/11/2019 04:53PM
Last Post by dlc60

E3D Titan grooves filament way too much

by nikko4913
235 2 02/10/2019 09:19AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Not sure if z wobble or z banding or just object too small it sways at high heights (read for more detail)

by iamthebest22
588 28 02/07/2019 03:13PM
Last Post by iamthebest22