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Printing issues ... 
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Heating cartridge getting too hot.

by JackD
163 1 09/30/2018 11:49PM
Last Post by JackD


by bartofborg
178 3 09/30/2018 02:21AM
Last Post by bartofborg

Error: Printer halted. kill() called! on homing (Marlin 1.1.9) Attachments

by Arakahn
882 6 09/29/2018 07:14PM
Last Post by imqqmi

Kisslicer - crown gaps Attachments

by Arnold
314 5 09/29/2018 12:59PM
Last Post by Arnold

Is there a color mixing table or calculator for PLA?

by offgrid
251 8 09/29/2018 12:30PM
Last Post by offgrid

printing ultem (pei)

by sss
277 5 09/28/2018 01:00PM
Last Post by GR

Inconsistent Z-Axis surface defect on a Delta Attachments

by OldJanmi
283 1 09/27/2018 04:47AM
Last Post by OldJanmi

Gaps in exterior after change to Volcano 0.6 from E3D 0.4 Attachments

by PDBeal
238 5 09/24/2018 01:31AM
Last Post by joro

Dual Extrusion drooling how to solve? Attachments

by dlc60
236 3 09/23/2018 01:18AM
Last Post by dlc60

PETG eats the glassbed, what to do?

by Koenig
3,205 25 09/19/2018 10:20AM
Last Post by YMita

Could use some advice on how to sucssesfully print the R.E. T-Virus helix Attachments

by 77slevin
264 7 09/16/2018 04:19PM
Last Post by 77slevin

Cura Profile ABS 0.3mm Prusa MK3 Attachments

by GR
269 1 09/15/2018 02:55PM
Last Post by GR

cantilever 3d printer

by Rathinavel
229 2 09/15/2018 11:59AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Nozzle below set temp and starts printing

by john40131
191 3 09/11/2018 11:07AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Z Axis lowering on retract/unretract

by brucehvn
233 8 09/10/2018 11:48PM
Last Post by brucehvn

Color mixing problems

by iljawasbezet
181 2 09/10/2018 08:56PM
Last Post by Dust

Prusa i3 clone keeps having jams

by thastealth
244 6 09/10/2018 01:19PM
Last Post by jmaeding

PETg woes

by SupraGuy
403 9 09/10/2018 11:57AM
Last Post by SupraGuy

Favorite Slicer opinions?

by SupraGuy
259 7 09/10/2018 11:51AM
Last Post by SupraGuy

PLA Bleaching Colors

by Roberts_Clif
197 1 09/09/2018 02:21PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

PETG - stringing Attachments

by Arnold
358 3 09/09/2018 02:21AM
Last Post by o_lampe

autohome ends up off bed so z axis doesn't home out

by bradinvancouver
281 3 09/08/2018 04:27AM
Last Post by obewan

Malyan M150 - calibration problem Attachments

by karcio
221 3 09/08/2018 02:04AM
Last Post by o_lampe

Under- and Overextrusion at filament flow changes - I have tried everything i could think of Attachments

by DannerD3H
1,182 15 09/06/2018 09:44PM
Last Post by Redemptioner

Problem with printing PETG Attachments

by Seb90
422 5 09/06/2018 01:13PM
Last Post by dlc60

Delta Strangness

by DaGameFace
261 6 09/06/2018 01:10PM
Last Post by dlc60

Tronxy x5s wierd corkscrew like layer waving

by 3dPrinted3dPrinter
195 1 09/05/2018 11:50PM
Last Post by 3dPrinted3dPrinter

Problem with external walls of the print Attachments

by tom678
183 2 09/05/2018 10:02AM
Last Post by SupraGuy

Weird print behaviour Attachments

by Modmike
269 8 08/30/2018 12:04PM
Last Post by rhoggman

Ramps 1.4 issue

by Scathos
404 11 08/28/2018 01:48PM
Last Post by SupraGuy