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LM12UU - incorrent bearing holder width for x-idler and x-motor

by acc
1,786 3 10/10/2012 05:17AM
Last Post by acc

bar clamps - could be a bit taller above the nut

by acc
1,022 2 10/09/2012 04:45PM
Last Post by nophead

Loss of X position

by gerv
1,044 6 10/03/2012 04:22AM
Last Post by Logrod

Mendel90 limitations

by ahorton
1,993 1 10/01/2012 11:33AM
Last Post by ahorton

Z Axis Assembly

by Logrod
1,509 10 09/23/2012 03:45AM
Last Post by mmt

Guard loop GND wiring?

by mmt
1,605 2 08/28/2012 04:17PM
Last Post by nophead

Isolation Milling?

by conscripted
1,455 6 08/27/2012 09:01AM
Last Post by conscripted

Ribbon cable wires for extruder?

by mmt
2,480 4 08/27/2012 02:27AM
Last Post by acc

One way to get M3 nuts into Y & Z clamp traps

by mmt
1,579 1 08/25/2012 04:47PM
Last Post by mmt

y carriage bearing mounts misaligned? Attachments

by acc
1,254 4 08/20/2012 04:00AM
Last Post by nophead

Cable drive

by theodleif
1,651 5 08/19/2012 05:48AM
Last Post by Justblair

Crowned pulleys

by whuffiepwrd
1,336 2 08/18/2012 04:11AM
Last Post by nophead

Twisted belts

by theodleif
1,641 2 08/17/2012 07:38PM
Last Post by nophead