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Praise, questions, complaints, etc. go here. Want to change our policy? This is where we calmly and thoughtfully discuss these matters at length. 
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Error report for the main Reprap.org site.

by SCphotog
1,473 1 12/11/2008 01:53PM
Last Post by SCphotog

Objects.RepRap.Org - Any volunteers? Let's build a file library!

by SebastienBailard
5,786 30 11/07/2008 03:42PM
Last Post by logan

Why am I getting reply notifications 100 times per day?!

by Kevin H
1,421 4 09/08/2008 04:52PM
Last Post by Kevin H

forum feature request

by dadederakh
1,565 3 08/25/2008 05:57AM
Last Post by dadederakh

Idea re the Wanted, for Sale forums: Combine, add "for Swap"

by Larry_Pfeffer
1,566 2 08/07/2008 11:11AM
Last Post by brucew

[forumsoftware] breadcrumb

by sid
1,693 1 07/09/2008 07:23PM
Last Post by sid

dead amazon links

by Arthur
1,945 1 06/27/2008 01:47AM
Last Post by Arthur

FYI: Website hosting downtime

by RoundSparrow
1,706 1 06/21/2008 02:33PM
Last Post by RoundSparrow

RSS feeds content is unformatted

by Lee
1,702 1 06/06/2008 05:43AM
Last Post by Lee

Math Captcha for objects.reprap.org?

by Phil Bordelon
2,316 2 05/22/2008 09:09AM
Last Post by Ru

Unable to set timezone correctly...

by sgtwilko
1,643 3 05/07/2008 07:12PM
Last Post by sgtwilko

How do I include photos in my posts?

by hunter
1,809 2 04/19/2008 03:14PM
Last Post by nophead

Spammer annie

by net3d
1,797 2 03/24/2008 12:47PM
Last Post by SebastienBailard

New divisions

by Demented Chihuahua
1,933 1 03/15/2008 12:26AM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua

Inconsistent actualisation of the posts ...

by VDX
2,063 5 02/14/2008 07:22PM
Last Post by Roach_S

Forum needed for documentation stuff

by Demented Chihuahua
1,756 3 02/04/2008 01:30AM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua

Where can I find the laser cutting files for the McWire?

by Anonymous User
1,996 3 02/03/2008 01:39PM
Last Post by balm

Too many forums now. Subforums or use message subjects

by RoundSparrow
2,174 21 02/02/2008 06:03PM
Last Post by nophead

RSS feed author name doesn't match the post

by nophead
2,322 1 01/29/2008 09:38AM
Last Post by nophead

User Account Hacked?

by Demented Chihuahua
1,793 5 01/20/2008 11:41PM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua

Request new section in the Mechanical Folder

by Anonymous User
1,827 3 01/07/2008 12:23PM
Last Post by Cheap!

active users listed at bottom of forum list page

by bobt
1,631 3 12/30/2007 02:23PM
Last Post by bobt

Users groups - too many forums - consolidate Texas

by RoundSparrow
1,857 2 12/30/2007 01:15PM
Last Post by SebastienBailard

Other STL-objects ...

by VDX
2,357 3 12/04/2007 06:34AM
Last Post by VDX

problems in forum

by Brian Dolge
1,730 2 11/27/2007 06:23PM
Last Post by SebastienBailard

Core team is doing an awsome job!

by Demented Chihuahua
1,840 1 11/07/2007 02:14PM
Last Post by Demented Chihuahua