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Praise, questions, complaints, etc. go here. Want to change our policy? This is where we calmly and thoughtfully discuss these matters at length. 
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FIrst account I made didnt work, How can i get it activated?

by Ericjor22
609 6 06/02/2015 08:25AM
Last Post by venuss

Donate a reprap printer to help us to help autism education and funding?

by technewszone
579 1 04/25/2015 02:19PM
Last Post by technewszone


by johniako
506 5 04/22/2015 01:52PM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Unread topics/posts counts getting lost?

by vreihen
496 11 04/22/2015 02:49AM
Last Post by dc42


by johniako
619 1 04/05/2015 01:51AM
Last Post by johniako

Libre3D on RepRap Forum

by libre3d
585 6 03/30/2015 12:00PM
Last Post by MattMoses

Request for changes in the "Machines Variations" section

by AndrewBCN
714 25 03/09/2015 06:49AM
Last Post by AndrewBCN

New Location of topics from Prism Mendel forum

by MattMoses
602 1 03/06/2015 12:54AM
Last Post by MattMoses

Yet another new forum request: "32-bit electronics"

by AndrewBCN
714 9 02/21/2015 04:55PM
Last Post by dc42

Wiki maintenance?

by dantman
496 5 01/31/2015 07:45AM
Last Post by dantman

Any chance of a "Mark unread" feature for PMs?

by dc42
573 3 01/31/2015 03:12AM
Last Post by dc42

Username typo

by northernlights
498 3 01/22/2015 04:26PM
Last Post by northernlights

new forum request

by thejollygrimreaper
481 4 01/13/2015 06:34PM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

Wiki administration problem

by arthurwolf
609 4 12/11/2014 11:17AM
Last Post by MattMoses

Help! I must change my name!

by BogusBee
586 4 12/02/2014 02:53AM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

Can't edit old post

by seca4all
467 2 11/29/2014 04:11PM
Last Post by VDX

Is forum user cdru an Asshole? thumbs up

by mung
966 8 11/04/2014 09:43PM
Last Post by DisruptiveTech

Feedback forum?

by gmh39
705 1 10/26/2014 07:36PM
Last Post by gmh39

Is forum user cdru a nasty idiot or a troll or just a misunderstood nice guy?

by mung
668 2 10/19/2014 10:02AM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

Why do some forum posts gets moved relevant topic sections and others do not?

by mung
724 2 10/13/2014 06:01AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

Announcement: Forum usage guide finished

by Gordie
602 7 10/12/2014 05:23AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Rewording the front page

by Traumflug
896 12 09/30/2014 09:16AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Online community survey

by erylon
512 2 09/22/2014 06:42AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Wiki-embedded discussion

by Traumflug
4,522 20 09/05/2014 06:34PM
Last Post by Gordie


by nohioplastics
496 5 08/27/2014 09:22PM
Last Post by nohioplastics

Broken HTML on page from linked images

by Cefiar
412 2 08/11/2014 03:43AM
Last Post by VDX

New subforum topic

by seca4all
474 3 08/07/2014 03:13PM
Last Post by seca4all

dstf107 error

by Anonymous User
410 2 08/03/2014 01:08AM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

502 Bad Gateway

by A2
693 1 07/31/2014 07:20AM
Last Post by A2

Zvire - DS

by majkl
666 15 07/28/2014 08:34AM
Last Post by majkl