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Crowdfunding Projects Announcements

Forum for all announcements about kickstarters, indiegogo, etc. Of course IT HAVE TO BE somewhat RELATED TO RepRap. p.s. Crowdfunding is gambling - RepRap.org isn't responsible for scams and bad deals. 
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Hot End gasket on IndieGoGo

by araknus
488 1 07/15/2015 03:41AM
Last Post by araknus

Marlin touchscreen on kickstarter

by kangarooJack
853 1 07/10/2015 12:00AM
Last Post by kangarooJack

World's First Modular 3D Printer - Kickstarter Launches Summer 2015 Attachments

by ayouden
618 3 05/17/2015 03:10PM
Last Post by ayouden

Student Research Fundraiser (Woven Meshes)

by c0rtex
450 1 05/10/2015 11:17PM
Last Post by c0rtex

New Material - BotFeeder Filastic on Kickstarter

by botfeeder
429 4 05/06/2015 01:10AM
Last Post by botfeeder

OPAM (One Piece All Metal) Water-Cooled Hot End Attachments

by khitho1
793 1 05/03/2015 10:05PM
Last Post by khitho1

3D print/assembly machine and 'Fair Source' just launched on Kickstarter smiling smiley

by Senake
616 5 04/14/2015 06:27PM
Last Post by chris33

Griffin Pro Delta Printers

by Griffin3D
894 2 04/09/2015 12:29PM
Last Post by Rogue Scholar

Presentation Alligator Board... a new RepRap Electronics

by 3DArtists
3,568 17 03/20/2015 07:45PM
Last Post by 3DArtists
This topic has been moved.

Designing my own CNC Polishing Machine

by Wolvrne
    This topic has been moved.

Clay (paste) Xxtruder for less than $70

by innovalogix
691 1 02/28/2015 12:40PM
Last Post by innovalogix

Sustainable 3D Printing Filament

by ceres
526 1 02/12/2015 11:42AM
Last Post by ceres

MakerSlide Lite linear guide rail. Attachments

by fl3d
771 1 02/09/2015 05:45PM
Last Post by fl3d

Looking for crowdfunding experts

by reciprocal
527 1 02/09/2015 10:01AM
Last Post by reciprocal

A an OS for your 3D printer with Raspberry Pi, but no arduino. I'm kind of pumped these guys came up with this.

by photonally
786 1 01/14/2015 06:54PM
Last Post by photonally

BuzzBox Enclosures for Afinia and Up - Kickstarter thumbs up

by h0wkeye
667 1 01/11/2015 12:13PM
Last Post by h0wkeye

World’s first pressure controlled 3D printer launches on Kickstarter

by richardsp
1,022 4 12/03/2014 05:04PM
Last Post by cdru

OverLord Multicolor 3D Printer is Coming to Kickstarter

by Dreammaker
1,815 2 11/25/2014 12:27PM
Last Post by Dreammaker

PrintToPeer for Raspberry Pi is going Open Source!

by tombielecki
989 3 11/21/2014 08:44AM
Last Post by DeuxVis

low-cost laser sintering

by thetenter
505 4 11/20/2014 06:21PM
Last Post by gmh39

New cheap resin SLA printer on kickstarter

by MichaelAtOz
930 7 11/20/2014 11:35AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Smartphone-controlled, Arduino-powered 3D printed robots

by BenMakerClub
1,247 5 11/13/2014 11:27AM
Last Post by BenMakerClub

X-Truder Dual print head launching now

by davew_tx
498 4 11/04/2014 09:05AM
Last Post by davew_tx

New Modular MM1 RepRap needs your Help! Attachments

by luigipacheco
501 6 10/22/2014 03:41PM
Last Post by JC Orozco

Eureka! I've invented multi-color printhead - need funding

by phonx
1,104 8 10/20/2014 08:51PM
Last Post by phonx

cheap linuxcnc on the raspberry pi?

by mung
1,999 24 10/18/2014 06:50AM
Last Post by mung

3d model viewing software

by davidra
650 1 10/16/2014 03:56AM
Last Post by davidra

Prometheus Hot End now on Indiegogo!

by RP Iron Man
2,096 18 10/14/2014 08:08PM
Last Post by RP Iron Man

Smoke Signal - A Safety System for 3D Printers

by amaurer
1,483 3 10/14/2014 12:59AM
Last Post by amaurer

indiegogo project (not mine!) - warning.

by andysuth
602 1 10/10/2014 02:11PM
Last Post by andysuth