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http://reprap.org/wiki/Smartrap_mini A new printer near first release, still in development ... Its main goals are ease/speed of assembly, low cost and modularity (being an easy basement for new designs). 
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Using lead screws for the Z axis on the Smartrap Alu

by John Cummings
663 5 12/11/2015 05:09PM
Last Post by John Cummings

SmartCore Dual HotEnd Attachments

by Zlob
541 4 12/07/2015 11:50AM
Last Post by Zlob

What material are the Smartrap Alu printed pieces are made of and other questions

by John Cummings
623 8 12/04/2015 10:58AM
Last Post by Yoko

Ikea SmartRapCore

by oz9ny
1,303 14 12/03/2015 03:59AM
Last Post by realthor

how to run wiring for my heated bed? Attachments

by cbearden
434 3 12/02/2015 12:22PM
Last Post by cbearden

is smart core good for a newbie?

by Yoko
1,022 5 11/27/2015 02:13PM
Last Post by Yoko

Tinpau's SmartRap - A first 3d printer build

by Tinpau
1,472 29 11/14/2015 12:36PM
Last Post by smerrett79

Has anyone built a Smartrapcore Alu?

by John Cummings
626 2 11/13/2015 06:01AM
Last Post by Yoko

SmartRap Core acceleration, speed, jerk, etc.

by MichaelBrock
677 3 11/09/2015 07:58PM
Last Post by ixlix

Induction Z axis probe/z_min_endstop in Repetier Firmware confused smiley

by smerrett79
2,663 17 11/06/2015 03:21AM
Last Post by smerrett79

Autolevel issue

by Zlob
457 3 10/31/2015 09:38AM
Last Post by Zlob

Um, I call it FunSmartBotspinning smiley sticking its tongue out Attachments

by madmike8
1,037 14 10/26/2015 12:45PM
Last Post by madmike8

Fan duct for V1.2

by smerrett79
462 1 10/21/2015 07:51PM
Last Post by smerrett79

Another newbie's Smarcore build   (Pages: 1 2)

by MichaelBrock
2,003 38 10/09/2015 08:45AM
Last Post by MichaelBrock

SmartCore ALU

by Zlob
1,578 12 10/03/2015 06:40AM
Last Post by oz9ny

SmartRap ignores Z offset stored in EEPROM

by rcjoseb
1,811 10 10/01/2015 05:13PM
Last Post by rcjoseb

Details of extruder for Smart Core

by MichaelBrock
873 7 10/01/2015 07:40AM
Last Post by MichaelBrock

Djinn5150's SmartRap Core Build Attachments   (Pages: 1 2 3 4 5)

by djinn5150
9,884 126 09/21/2015 11:36AM
Last Post by jjazzyj

Inductive sensor issues

by MichaelBrock
2,802 6 09/13/2015 08:53PM
Last Post by MichaelBrock

smartrapcore 100*100*100mm*3

by oz9ny
846 3 09/09/2015 04:54PM
Last Post by smartfriendz

SmartRapCore and OpenScad

by scubi
662 4 09/08/2015 08:07PM
Last Post by smerrett79

SmartCore CAD file in Inventor & step format.

by hon-po
1,206 7 09/08/2015 04:06AM
Last Post by hon-po

Smartrap: printing exotic filaments with Regpye's hotend Attachments

by cristian
1,416 7 09/07/2015 05:45AM
Last Post by cristian

Questions or doubts confused smiley

by CeledaBcn
512 10 09/03/2015 05:45PM
Last Post by smerrett79

V1.2x issues   (Pages: 1 2)

by smerrett79
1,484 43 09/02/2015 11:49PM
Last Post by jjazzyj

My SmartCore build with recycled MDF shelving

by jjazzyj
810 1 08/31/2015 08:04PM
Last Post by jjazzyj

Smartrap prints extremely slanted Attachments

by joecarpita
645 4 08/25/2015 03:11AM
Last Post by joecarpita

And yet Another SmartCore build...

by mike3
1,004 22 08/24/2015 09:38AM
Last Post by mike3

smartrap core with aluminum extrusions?

by realthor
994 9 08/13/2015 09:06AM
Last Post by mandrav

Newbie building his first 3D printer   (Pages: 1 2)

by Italicus
1,630 39 08/09/2015 10:27PM
Last Post by reifsnyderb