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CoreXY Machines

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Airwolf Axiom Z axis movement problem

by jspring111
1,809 5 07/06/2020 09:24PM
Last Post by dustinoff

Belt tightness?

by David J
2,007 3 07/06/2020 03:03AM
Last Post by David J

Which Model as Basis for Rebuild Attachments

by Doppler9000
2,283 17 07/01/2020 02:43PM
Last Post by dustinoff

CoreXY design: request for comment and collaboration Attachments

by EgonVLC
1,630 7 06/27/2020 10:06PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

Designs with a "halo"

by msaeger
1,740 6 06/14/2020 12:15PM
Last Post by ruggb

Print moves very slow, gcode generated with inkscape

by acastles91
2,021 10 06/02/2020 07:25AM
Last Post by mcdanlj

G2 and G3 Slower than G0 and G1

by acastles91
1,245 4 06/01/2020 09:46AM
Last Post by VDX

The Spice Must Flow with servomotors

by the_digital_dentist
1,384 10 05/29/2020 05:20AM
Last Post by JoergS5

Problem with SKR 1.4 for pen plotter. Y axis homes but doesn't move after.

by acastles91
1,418 5 05/28/2020 08:30AM
Last Post by mcdanlj

Nozzle to low after auto bed level grrrrrr

by bulldogbob
1,709 2 05/24/2020 05:06PM
Last Post by ruggb

Printer design: ParalaXXY Attachments

by ParalaX
1,605 7 05/24/2020 04:30PM
Last Post by ruggb

Problem with Mini Differential IR height sensing board

by wannathermal
1,454 2 05/13/2020 03:14PM
Last Post by dc42

Sapphire Pro - quarter shrunk object Attachments

by NewJack
1,542 1 05/10/2020 09:53PM
Last Post by NewJack

Trying to buy a cast aluminium plate

by oeyhaga
3,504 8 05/04/2020 09:26AM
Last Post by jonathanleichner

Uneven Layer lines Hypercube Evolution

by AmyTheBun
11,168 10 04/21/2020 08:54AM
Last Post by Fede22

Linear Rail - CoreXY 326x326x320

by seeul8er
3,656 4 04/15/2020 06:52PM
Last Post by bondus

Weird issue with corexy

by emielvs
3,397 14 04/15/2020 03:26AM
Last Post by emielvs

Another Kit - Any thoughts on BLV?

by Doppler9000
1,911 9 03/23/2020 05:20PM
Last Post by dysan

CaffeineXY Attachments

by AxeSlash
1,936 6 02/22/2020 12:25AM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

KEEVO (my second design)

by nuverian
1,852 4 02/21/2020 01:44PM
Last Post by nuverian

COREXY Motion Asymmetry Attachments

by johnny49r
2,959 5 02/18/2020 02:05AM
Last Post by johnny49r

My HyperCube Problem Attachments

by Slapjack14
1,652 3 02/11/2020 07:14PM
Last Post by roontoon

First build question.

by roontoon
1,238 2 02/11/2020 04:27AM
Last Post by EgonVLC

Extruder changes direction automatically Attachments

by 22norbi
1,582 2 02/09/2020 10:10AM
Last Post by 22norbi

5mm idler spacers?

by curnowdj
1,823 5 02/04/2020 06:07PM
Last Post by dlc60

I build my very first machine - H-bot 3D printer but still in progress

by Spherehubter93
3,964 8 01/31/2020 03:15PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

I'm designing a CoreXY Machine. Attachments

1,415 1 01/24/2020 11:05PM

Steel sheet metal frame? Attachments

by witor
2,277 9 01/13/2020 02:10PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

I need a fonctional Marlin

by giandiosos
1,195 10 01/11/2020 04:58PM
Last Post by ruggb

Hypercube vs HEVO 200x300 single Z motor

by masterviana
2,895 8 01/09/2020 11:27AM
Last Post by masterviana