How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 03:02AM
Like most average people I used to watch a lot of news, almost everything completely sad and depressing. After getting involved with the RepRap project I find myself having something to look forward to, everyday, all day. I work a regular job, there are a lot of boring moments, which my thoughts begin to drift to improvements to my machine, or the great inventions to create with it. It is so sad to think that there are so many who struggle just to get through the day. In a hopeless world, this is one of the only things I've found that gives me hope. I think that's the beautiful thing about RepRap, it benefits everyone that becomes part of it.
Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 03:13AM
Wow, I think you just flipped my decision for making one from 'Thinking about it' to 'Almost definiatly going to'.
it's on my 'todo for next year' list.
Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 03:17AM
I would have to agree that it changes your outlook on life. And my wife would say it makes me a more enjoyable person to be with. smiling smiley

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Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 03:21AM
I could not agree more. It`s the best project i have ever done, and i can`t see it ending.

Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 04:00AM

I agree 110% before I started I built model railways and that was my only hobby. I had seen reprap before when they only had the Darwin. A few years later I stumbled on it again.

Since them I have built a Huxley, Prusa, desgined the Mini Prusa and some other stuff, but from this I have gone on and started working on stuff that I have always wanted to do but never thought I was smart enought.
Now I have a mini lathe, small cnc mill, quadcopter and my latest project, the ROV..

The reprap project has give me some much and the confidence to do anythig I put my mind to.

Big thanks
Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 07:30AM

After starting the project, I used it on my resume and my current employer was very impressed with my enthusiasm for reprap and my ability to even build one from pieces and calibrate it.

Definitely a great project to have on your engineering resume to get back into the workforce and OH a lot of fun!!!!

Thank you reprap community and Dr. Adrian from Bath University.

Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 08:47AM
As I have a lot of tooling it is not quite the massive leap in my capability to manufacture that it might be so some people. But it is still fascinating to set it going and with a little luck and skill get the object you designed to come out nearly finished.

I have fixed stuff I would normally throw away with it too. As well as it making bits for some jobs! I fixed my headphones. I always break the brackets that hold the earpiece. So I designed and printed new ones. And as I made them chunky they are stronger! Saved me £30 there.

But it really took my mind off things that were depressing me at the time when I started the project. And gets you to think about making things in an entirely new way.

Warning though, it is seriously addictive. lol.

Make your Mendel twice as accurate.
Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 09, 2011 10:11AM
I would like to sign this thread, as I feel exactly the same.

For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of 3d printers, and always thought of it as impossible. Then RepRap came along...

Apart from fulfilling a dream, RepRap is making me feel both like a kid, a mad scientist and a futuristic time traveler at the same time! (Okay, maybe all that is the little boy in me talking). It's helping me keep myself busy, while battling what might turn out to be a chronic illness. RepRap really is an incredible anti-depressant.

Thank you so much, everyone involved! smiling smiley

Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 10, 2011 10:43AM
Me aswell definately


With many thanks to all the major contributors which actually do "carry" all the rest of us in this wonder world.


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Re: How RepRap has improved my life
October 10, 2011 11:03AM
It's really interesting how such a little machine can change one's live. Before I had my mendel, I often diddn't know what to do and was often bored. Now it's only the question, what to do next. If I get bored at work, I have always things to plan, like improving my reprap software or building new toys. Most new toys only fascinate me for a few weeks, but this is already going on for 6 month and I don't see, when it will stop. So I can say, the money was truly well spend.

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