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Posted by Torze 
April 13, 2007 12:05PM
Hello from Spain.

First of everything, my english is very bad, so I feel much.....(Google translate)

The RepRap project and its philosophy is the best thing than I have seen in long time.

I am a modest programmer(Software already this in my linux desktop), but in the manufacture of plates and the rest I am true a useless one confused smiley

A question: Kit will have all the necessary one? , that is to say, motors, boards...


Congratulations by this wonderful project.smileys with beersmileys with beersmileys with beer
Re: Congratulations..
April 13, 2007 01:00PM
Torze Wrote:
> A question: Kit will have all the necessary one? ,
> that is to say, motors, boards...

Re: Congratulations..
April 13, 2007 01:05PM
Torze: buenos d
Re: Congratulations..
April 13, 2007 02:26PM
That's really cool. Hopefully what is happening in Spain will spread to South America, too. smileys with beer
Re: Congratulations..
April 13, 2007 02:55PM
I have seen Tommelise. Also it is fantastic. The bad thing for my is that it uses window and visual...but also is a great idea.

Re: Congratulations..
April 13, 2007 03:36PM
Thanks, Torze! smiling smiley
Re: Congratulations..
April 15, 2007 08:47PM
Hello from China too!
This project is awesome. 3d printer was great idea, can't believe you guys are building it at home! And so simple! I will definetly follow your progress. So far, the nozzle is a drawback for me (the 0.5mm pencil hole idea is a good one) and the electric board stuff. Thing is I don't have much free time, the kit will be better for me.
And I will spread this thing in China, at least to my friends. In case later you guys want to translate manuals or anything to Chinese, you can count on me.
Great job, keep going ,I am watching...
Re: Congratulations..
April 15, 2007 09:37PM
hey! thanks for following along so far. this project is only going to get better and bigger. hopefully the pencil idea works out. it would be really great if we could make the nozzle out of something SUPER easy to get ahold of.
Re: Congratulations..
April 15, 2007 09:50PM
You guys make such a problem out of drilling a little hole. You need a #76 AWG drill. You can get them here


for $2.20. They fit very nicely in a Dremel hand tool. If a Dremel is beyond your means then a pencil drill can be had for about $5. You might break one learning how to use them, but it's not exactly rocket science.

Worry about something that's really difficult. eye rolling smiley
Re: Congratulations..
April 15, 2007 11:33PM
its not making a problem out of it... its trying to find a better solution. we know that its 100% possible to drill a hole in metal. personally, i broke about 10 of them trying to drill my hole. if there is a better, easier solution then i'm all for it.

plus, if we find something that you can find at your local (office/hardware/art) store, then thats one less thing you need to order online. (as you were saying... shipping costs are what get ya.)
Re: Congratulations..
April 16, 2007 04:15AM
You broke 10? Bloody hell! Wowzie! There might be hope for me yet! eye popping smiley
Re: Congratulations..
April 16, 2007 09:19AM
granted i think it was because i used steel rod... i'm guessing that i was probably supposed to use brass, or something like that? i just couldnt find it for the life of me!
Re: Congratulations..
April 16, 2007 10:05AM
You should have been able to do it with steel. It would have just taken longer. It takes a delicate touch and patience to drill those tiny holes with a Dremel. I also use a water/oil/detergent mix and put a drop on the place where I'm drilling so that the drill bit stays cool.
Re: Congratulations..
April 16, 2007 11:32AM
yup.. i did all of those. i was even using my benchtop drillpress, on a variety of speeds. i tried diff techniques, etc. perhaps the bits i got just sucked.

last night i made some barrels and some nozzle blanks out of jbweld... i'm going to drill everything out tonight. hopefully i'll have some results to post tomorrow! my guess is that the jbweld will be much easier to drill than steel. unfortunately, the jbweld adheres to pencil lead when its wet... its pretty tricky to get that to work.

however, i was thinking that if you made a tiny rod of thermoplast at 0.5mm, put that through the jbweld when it was wet, you could just melt it out after it hardens. plenty of things to try. =)
Re: Congratulations..
April 16, 2007 09:25PM
Yeah Zach, I'm thinking that copper or bronze would have only lost you 1 or 2 bits. Steel is tough for little bits like that. How fast were you going? If you had to go very deep and you didn't go very slow with light pressure, I can understand how you might have snapped a number of them. I bet you could find thick copper wire like for grounding heavy electrical equipment, say 5mm wide maybe and drill it out (3mm) for the tube and at the tip, just a light touch with the .5 mm or #76 wire drill. That would still have to braize the top, unless your jbweld could connect it to your flange. Just some additional thoughts for our hard working Zach smiling smiley
Re: Congratulations..
April 17, 2007 12:37AM
wow, thats a great suggestion. i'll totally check out the heavy duty wire section when i go back to the hardware store. that would definitely make a good-conducting heater barrel. i've just been using jbweld to attach the barrel to the insulation... hopefully it doesnt need replaced often.
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