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Do anyone ever know this site?

Posted by krupukbwg 
Do anyone ever know this site?
December 21, 2011 04:41AM
when i look around all of the prusa unassembled complete set full kit in internet, suddenly i see site that sell prusa unassembled complete set full kit with the price $522' this site name was "romscraj store";
but this thing name not prusa mendel but "durbie" because his change some of the design (i don't have idea what design his change), my question is :
1. does anybody ever had transaction with romscraj store;
2. are this credible
Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
December 21, 2011 06:18AM
hi krupukbwg ,

1. we are based in singapore.
2. we started promoting this kit a few days ago
3. the design changes are documented at [github.com]

mainly, we changed the z-axis design to use a continuous belt rather than dual steppers
we also incorporated some sliding mechanism to allow for some free play for z-axis threaded rods if they are not fully straight.
our opinion is this makes the z-axis more accomodative.

2ndly, we redesigned the wade's extruder (v2) to be used with m4 tooth insert, similar to the adrian's geared extruder. the design of the extruder block also allows it to withstand higher temperatures while printing and eliminates problems caused by heat even when the extruder block is printed out of PLA.

lastly, the electronics used is based on the gen6 from mendel-parts and endstop based on the makerbot-styled mechanical endstops.
we modified the gen6 to add another heat source such that it can be used with a heated bed. we'll post the electronics source files on github soon.

Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
December 21, 2011 08:03AM
@romscraj - I love step 9.7 of the instructions! Great stuff! smiling smiley

Also, you make reference to the original Prusa github project for the unchanged files - I would strongly recommend linking to a definite commit or tag as the files are changing all the time. For example Prusa recently moved V1 of his Mendel to a branch (old-master, I think) and the master branch is now version 2. Otherwise it might get a bit confusing for people trying to build it themselves.

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Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
December 21, 2011 08:43AM
They even include instant coffee as part of the kit ! - Great job

Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
December 22, 2011 12:19AM
Hi garyhodgson,

Firstly my apologies as I am still learning the ropes on GitHub smiling smiley

I've forked prusajr's PrusaMendel repo and created a Durbie branch at a suitable commit point:

I've added the related Durbie files into a folder named "Durbie". The original romscraj/Durbie repo remains, but only direct downloads are available (from the Downloads section).

Edit: realised it was a bad idea including the huge assembly instructions files (85.9MB ) into the forked branch. Will remove them. Those files will still be available as direct downloads from the romscraj/Durbie repo.

Hope this is the proper way going forward smiling smiley

blackbass / romscraj

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Since your here romscraj....
February 13, 2012 11:26AM
Hey there, we bought the durbie version. (from romscraj.com)

Everything was great, few small issus though.
1. heating element was damaged in/before delivery, though getting another was not much trouble.
2. Had huge trouble trying to get firmware onto it, none of the options you provided worked, I eventually got gen3 firmware working. But this has led to problems getting the Z axis working. I see above there used to be 2 steppers for the Z and my problem comes with getting control of both directions, I can only get it to go one direction, if i re-wire i can get it going the other direction, but not both working from the same wiring, so firmware fix would probably solve that problem
3. Your instructions are not particularity clear, I cannot follow your instructions to install the marlin firmware. I have tried many times to follow them exactly, but It is just not working.

Thats it really, other than those things I would recommend the product, providing that above can actually be fixed.

Can anyone help me with my firmware/software issues? Im very new to this and I'm no programmer, I am only getting to know the basics (the very basic basics!) So far I have spent 36 hours trying to figure this stuff out and get any firmware on my gen6.d.
there is no information on the gen6.d board, so i dont even no where to start. other than wading through google results.
Re: Since your here romscraj....
February 15, 2012 05:10AM
hi geraldine,

the gen6.d has slightly different wiring compared to gen3 or gen6. please refer to
for the wirings and pin changes.

for marlin firmware installation instructions, just power on and off the gen6.d and use your arduino environment to load it in when the ftdi chip is detected (with usb connected). our arduino version used is arduino-0022.

similar to gen6, the sanguino folder must be there for the marlin firmware to compile properly.
Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
March 16, 2012 06:32AM
I bought the durbie prusa kit, and I am very satisfied.
My transaction was with PayPal.
So, they are credible smiling smiley

Will order more from them in the future for sure.
Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
March 25, 2012 11:28PM
I have also purchased a durbie,

it took several weeks to deliver even though it was advertised in stock
forgot the usb cable
provided the wrong power cable.
wiring of the connectors faulty **
the end stop holders are super fragile
obscure and limited instruction (excluding assembly)

provided quick support
provided quick replacements
printer was cheaper than elsewhere
overall the product appears the have been well thought through.
good assembly instructions
sense of humor

I am in two minds about romscraj.com, I do not regret buying from them, and unless I found something special about another store I would purchase from them again. It has not been without its problems but that is to be expected from build you own hobby equipment.


** One was not connected at all which was easy to find. One of the end stops break contact while moving around. I believe that there is a faulty connection with the extruder temp sensor that has caused me much fustration. I find that prints will progress for a period and then randomly shutdown, reporting min temp exceeded. After stoping I find the temp is fine, still at ~175 by the time I have measured it.
Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
March 26, 2012 12:25AM
how is there pla,?

seems kinda on the cheap end of the scale but when your looking at 100 or so for one in north america its kinda hard not to notice

Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
March 26, 2012 04:59AM
Bought also from them.

Also fault powercable , but that's no problem for me.
Also missing printed part , but after 2 days i get them by dhl without problems,

otherwise seems good product and like al the hobby projects it's try and error :-)

Re: Do anyone ever know this site?
March 26, 2012 07:52AM
guys, thanks for the feedback.

we will do our best to provide best value for you guys.

I bought a portabee on "romscraj store" on March 04th, 2013 which I received on May 15th, 2013 (!!).

The problem being that the printboard does not work and they did not still send it to me a new printboard (I return them old).

My portabe does not work still since.

I wait...

Be careful with this store !

June 08, 2013 Daniel said : "Julien, if you still have not received your replacement something has gone wrong, let me re-check this and ensure that it is on its way"

@Daniel :

Have you re-re-re-check ? Because I still received nothing... !

I remind that I ordered on March 03rd, 2013 and that on June 25th, 2013 I still have nothing which works...
June 27, 2013 Daniel said :
"Hi Julien,

Just confirming that you have received your replacement Gen6 and that
you are up and running,

Ok, thanks so much,

- Daniel"

My answer : NO

June 27, 2013 Daniel said :

In response to your support ticket # (New Gen6).

We have shipped out a package today containing the spares you require."

June 29, 2013 Daniel said :
"Hi Julien,

Please ignore the previous DHL code sent, I was preparing a package however on of the shipment team has informed me that there is one already in the mail!

It shall arrive soon,"

WHEN ???

Be carefull with Romscraj...
This day it's a birthday ! I waiting for Portabee since 4 months !

And now ??


@Daniel :
Have you some news from Singpost ?
Since May 29th, 2013 I still received nothing.
It would be can be time to think of another solution.

I remind that I ordered on March 03rd,2013 and that on July 24th, 2013 I still have nothing which works...
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