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powder plastic?

Posted by myearwood 
powder plastic?
January 26, 2012 03:15PM
Hey all

I'm trying to create something, and in one of my weaker moments, I had the printer try to print something in mid air. It is a tower with a circle at the top. It might be easier to imagine a bell tower and I tried to print the bell last.

I laughed when I watched that start - and hit cancel. It seems to me, the devices that use a tray of powder and resin and UV light would not have done that. I mean the shaft would have been full of powder. The resin would have laid in mid air.

Is it feasible to think about converting these to use the powder/resin/UV light? What would be the problems and how would we solve them?


Just thinking...

Re: powder plastic?
January 26, 2012 05:46PM
... printing 'in midair' is common with UV- and SLS-printers - then this 'midair' is viscouse polymer or not fused powder.

With UV-printers you have the cured polymer as material, with SLS you can use any powdered material you cna fuse with a smal hot spot (e.g. from a laser).

Most problems for SLS-printing is curling/warping of the parts when cooling down, so here a heated chamber around the printing area is needed ...

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