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Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor

Posted by mydogjustice 
Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 10, 2012 07:18PM
I dont really want to start by naming any site names if they aren't ultimately responsible, but has anyone else had problems with any of the more popular sites that supply a lot of parts for the printers? I've only started my build a few weeks ago but have bought most all of the parts I need to make my Mendel. As a way to track cost of the project, I decided to use my American Express, which I rarely use. The only purchase on the card since last year have been to a handful of sites. 1 through Amazon (although a third party fulfillment), 2 from Ebay (although the payment was sent through PayPal so the end seller shouldnt have seen my CC number), and the rest from another vendor (Edit: This last vendor was PayPal as well...they dont natively accept Amex).

Yesterday I got a new Amex card for no reason, followed by a letter in the mail today. Fraud charges totalling a few hundred dollars, thankfully all noticed and flagged from Amex. Amex was really fantastic through the entire thing and they've secured a place in my wallet for life. Worth every penny that I spend to have that card. The old card is dead and I think we've sorted through all of the fraud charges, but it leaves me with a very uneasy feeling that one of the vendors has either been compromised, or worse...

I'm just reaching out to the community to see if anyone else has had similar problems. I work as an IT admin, and I'm one of the extremely diligent ones when it comes to CC security since I'm responsible for overseeing the security of roughly 250K transactions on a yearly basis. Trust me, I guard my cards, change my passwords on a regular basis, use overly comlex passwords, check SSL certs when I buy, etc. I'm not saying its completely impossible that I got compromised, but its a little too suspicious when I havent used this card for a few months and all of the sudden get highjacked after 4 seperate purchases. Maybe it was something I bought from somewhere in the past that was compromised.

I love you Amex!

Guard your card!

Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 10, 2012 08:35PM
Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd suggest you check with that company and pre-warn them (could be that their system is compromised, if there is no ill-intent on their behalf), and perhaps reveal the name of the company to see whether others have the same experience? If you're the only one, that'll make it less likely that it is from that vendor, but if there are others, I'm sure you'll do the community a favour by steering clear of that vendor until they rectify this problem.

Well just my 2 cents smiling smiley
Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 11, 2012 09:10AM
I'm really not inclined to disclose a company name until I would be positive that they were directly responsible for a loss of card security. At the very least its very disparaging and at its worst is libel. Even if the vendor had nothing to do with it and it turned out to be something of my own fault or another previous transaction, a single thread that calls into question the integrity and security of a website would be completely damning and can cause irreperable damage. Especially within such a niche community such as that of RepRap builders and suppliers.

I will be reaching out to the vendors from which I purchased parts. By using PayPal, it inherently eliminates 3 of the purchases as the end seller doesnt actually get access to the credit card. Just the funds. Its also the reason I use PayPal.

If I make any progress and can directly tie it to a vendor, you better believe I'll slam their name through every channel possible and I'll make everyone in this community and the arduino community well aware of the negligence.

But I'm so wrapped up in the excitement and anticipation of this build that things like my credit and identity may have to wait a few weeks!!! Thats completely normal and understandable right? Right?!

Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 11, 2012 09:13AM
Hahaha I guess with a kit pending to be built, who cares about credit card fraud!
Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 11, 2012 01:31PM
I'm glad you aren't naming names. Unless you have some proof that they were the ones that got hacked, it isn't right.

Last summer all 3 of my cards got compromised and had fraudulent charges on them within a few days. My Visa credit & Visa debit from my bank and my Amex card. I didn't use all 3 of them at the same merchant, and all of my amex purchases were with companies I'd bought from before. I only use my visa debit or cash at restaurants so my amex couldn't have been 'skimmed' from there.
Most likely what happened is some database (such as a credit agency or bank) that has the card numbers got hacked but the company didn't want to say anything. Somehow my phone and address was also compromised so they were able to do online purchases at places that verify addresses.
I will agree that amex handled it much better than my bank. They were much easier to work with and they sent my replacement card overnight without an expedite fee like my bank visa wanted.
Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 11, 2012 05:40PM
Grog's suggestion makes a lot of sense - my first CC ripoff (Visa) happened a couple of months ago, and the prior transactions that were not "usual, local" ones were paypal, which I've used for years without a problem - so another agency being compromised would seem to fit.

(I'm in NZ, and the fraudulent transactions were Amazon UK, which tends to reduce the likelihood it was a local transaction compromised.)
Amazon were very good - advised immediately that the "delivery address" didn't match - unfortunately wouldn't release it - and Visa cooperated w/o hassle.

I used to scoff at the Debit card ads - "Use your own money" - what's the point, I thought...
I now use a debit card for paypal & any other online transactions, linked to an account with funds limited to need.

(won't help of course if an agency which lists my main card(s) does get compromised).
Re: Credit card highjacking regarding a popular vendor
February 13, 2012 04:31AM
I'll name, names.

I've never had any problems with Makergear.com or Ultimachine.com

And I've spent ALOT of money with both sites.
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