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Reprap plastic parts

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 02:16PM
I have recently become very interested in the project and what it can do. However, I am a student on a limited money and time budget with little regular access to tools for fabrication. I am curious as to whether rappers are selling the plastic parts that ordinarilly the bootstrapper would be making? How much would such a kit be?
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 02:29PM

welcome to the project. honestly thats something i havent really looked into. i've just assumed that once i get mine working, i'll just start printing off parts for whoever wants them.

really, the plastic parts are ridiculously cheap... all the parts for the machine are likely to cost <$20 (if that... could be as low as $10) for raw materials. i know once i get mine, i'll be selling them for essentially cost since i wont have to do any *real* work to make them.

the real costs involved are from things like electronics and motors. still, we're looking at under $400 for everything. stuff should be ready to go Real Soon Now (tm) winking smiley
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 02:57PM
If you are as broke as most students I know you may want to look at Tommelise, a RepRap spinoff project and a cheaper alternative to Darwin.


It's less sophisticated than Darwin and runs a lot slower, but it's dirt cheap and you can build it with hand tools that you can beg or borrow.
Anonymous User
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 03:21PM
Thanks for the quick replies and the Tommy reference. But, if you factor in the cost of both the Tommy and Reprap plus the tools to build it (goodness, I dont have any woodworking tools at all), I may spend much more time and money than its worth.

I help moderate the DIY section on a certain unnamed forum, and there are several other members who are interested in this project as well and would no doubt like to get their hands on quality parts.

I'm in no big rush until I can experiment with circuit traces made with commonly available copper gasketing compound for extrmely simple and cheap circuit board manufacturing.
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 03:31PM
cool. i've been slowly amassing all the tools required to make various parts (nozzles, barrels, boards, etc) once i get all my ducks in a row (and get my own machine up and running), i'll be providing parts and kits to those who dont have access or would rather just buy something.

keep your eyes peeled on the blog. without a doubt, i'll be posting info when parts are available to order.
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 18, 2007 03:33PM
I'm another student - I plan on getting my university to fab the parts I need. No idea if they will or not, though.
Re: Reprap plastic parts
April 28, 2007 09:31PM
Student also, but just finishing. I'll hopefully do some pcbs before i leave, but i won't be able to afford the motors for a while yet.
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