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Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends

Posted by Emmanuel 
Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
August 25, 2012 04:58PM
The "Mojo Printer review" link above.
Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
August 25, 2012 08:50PM
I appreciate that you are taking the time to help.
The link works fine from Firefox but presumably it is archived. I accidentally declared the page private so that is why it could not be seen.
It is fixed now. I just started this blog and I have a lot to learn and on top of it English is my second language, I grew up in Sweden.
Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
August 26, 2012 10:12AM
Ooh I hadn't seen the pictures from Bertho ! Interesting to finally know more of what's inside their print-head...

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Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
August 26, 2012 12:01PM
Nothing new for this price, although the amount on a spool for mojo is more than UPRINT.

Uprints have 1.1 lbs per spool and cost $150 each, so yes $300/kg on UPrint also.

I see a side market for spent mojo print cartridges. someone will figure out a jailbreak circuit board to drive them in their Mendel or SpideyBot.
I wonder who will start the first 1.3mm extrusion supply. I'm sure there are many already quoting dies and pricing for 1.3mm.

My $0.02: Put this machine at $3,000 and material at a much more realistic number, say $30/lb, and sales would be brisk.
It would be interesting to see a commercial unit disrupting the DIY market.

Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
August 27, 2012 12:40PM
destroyer2012 Wrote:
> I do wonder what plastic they use. Probably it's
> not ABS, but some proprietary mix that has good
> properties like not shrinking, not being runny,
> etc.

Their ABS-Plus material is SABIC MG94 resin. It's a high-flowing injection molding rade material, not extrusion grade.

Not shrinking is due in large part to the heated chamber keeping the entire part at a specific temperature so that you don't have uneven stresses warping your parts.

Not being runny is due to keeping the filament very dry - Stratasys filament will indeed start oozing like crazy if it soaks up too much moisture. Even so, Stratasys machines have a tipe wipe function that is performed to remove excess ooze.

Bertho, I'd love to get my hands on a used Mojo 'print pack' as well if you come across any.

I have taken one of the thermal heads apart.

The heated wire has a resistance of 6.2 ohm
The DC motoer is 12VDC.
The head use a type K thermocouple that I could couple directly to the thermocouple board on an Ultimaker and get a proper readout.
Eyeballing the nozzle itself it's close to the 0.35mm nozzle I have on my own machine at home.

Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
March 04, 2013 03:51PM
Thank you for the info.
Do you have a picture of the gearing and the drive wheel/mechanism?
Re: Stratasys's mojo : throw-away hotends
July 07, 2017 01:51AM
Very old thread, I know, nonetheless, still interesting. Look at the patent here:
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