gen7 opto endstop replacing 2.1 opto.
May 23, 2012 03:27PM
Hi to all on the forum,

I've had a gen3 endstop fail on my printer. Looks like the emitter blew.

I've taken a look at the wiki which said that with appropriate wiring, a gen 7 endstop can be used in place. It looks to have the same components as the 2.1 opto but I don't want to fry anything else whilst changing it over.

I can't find any details on what the appropriate wiring is.

can anyone point me towards where this information can be found.


Re: gen7 opto endstop replacing 2.1 opto.
May 25, 2012 03:57AM
Not quite what you wanted but it might help.

I just replaced my mechanical stop on the Z axis with an opto one.
I couldn't source the 2.1 parts (not at the prices I was prepared to pay anyway) so I got an opto interrupter from ebay.
Anyway attached is my circuit which works ok.
The out wire goes to the signal input on the sanguinololu, the +5v goes to the +5v line not the +v on the board.
Also attached is sketchup file of housing, I have since modified the clamp part.
open | download - IMAG2222.jpg (129.1 KB)
open | download - opto switch 2.skp (67.3 KB)
Re: gen7 opto endstop replacing 2.1 opto.
May 25, 2012 11:23AM
Hi Glyn,

Thanks for the information. I'm not the best electronics person out there so it will take a while for me to interpret the circuit diagram you attached.

I placed a post on the electronics forum (,134236) and just updated it with some findings.

With the help of anouther RepRapper (Traumflugthumbs up), it was confirmed the Gen6/7 opto can be used in place of the v2.1 opto.

There are some changes to wirinng which are needed, nothing major but i have placed some details on the post.


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