June 20, 2008 04:01PM
This thing's been getting some press lately: []

Here's the specs out of the article:

* Freescale's MPC5121e mobileGT processor, 800 MIPS (400 MHz) of processing power
* 256MB of DDR2 DRAM
* 4GB NAND Flash-based solid state drive
* WiFi 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
* Two USB 2.0 ports
* One 10/100 Ethernet with RJ-45 jack
* One VGA DB-15 display out jack
* Headphone level stereo audio out 3.5mm jack
* 9vDC 2.5mm 10 watt AC-DC adapter power supply
* 10.5 ounces
* 1.3" high, 5.8" x 4.2" wide

Think it'd be up to the task of running RepRap host?
Re: CherryPal
June 21, 2008 06:39AM
256 MB memory is really on the very low end for running an OS + Java virtual machine + reprap host.

Likely it won't be able to display any 3D preview of the workpiece in real time, etc, as the current host software does.

With custom written (maybe python) host software that just feeds gcode to the printer it should work fine, though.
Re: CherryPal
June 21, 2008 04:38PM
What about a Gumstix computer?


They're even smaller.
Re: CherryPal
July 07, 2008 02:52AM
I'd prefer some via epia pico [] its small (100x72mm) it's powerful enough (via c7 1ghz, 1GB RAM, 4usb ports etc) and it runs on 12V so it can be attached to the same powersupply as the RapRap itself.
and it looks nice grinning smiley

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