Recommended UK source for hot-end (Mendel)
July 02, 2012 07:12AM
So, last night, a tragedy happened. I was trying to print something in nice colours for my girlfriend, but it seems my nozzle didn't like this new plastic and jammed. The pressure built up while I wasn't watching and warped the plastic barrel (PTFE) and its join to the brass nozzle. The nozzle may be unblocked but this insulator is fubar. The hot-end design was a old one that put too much stress on the barrel so I'm looking to get a new one.

Can anyone recommend a UK based shop/person that sells decent hot-ends that can be attached to the old Mendel x-axis trolley with a Wade extruder? (Again, old design Wade extruder)
Re: Recommended UK source for hot-end (Mendel)
July 02, 2012 08:43AM
[] for j-head

not sure about your mounting iv only been into reprap for past 2-3 months so not seen much of the older stuff.

but they do a mounting plate which makes mounting the j-head a breaze in gregs /wades etc
Re: Recommended UK source for hot-end (Mendel)
July 03, 2012 01:17PM
Thanks for the tip smiling smiley At the moment, it's a coin-flip between a J Head and the Arcol one, although I've been told that I would need to print a different x-axis carriage for that. A bit of a chicken and egg situation! It may be the same problem with the J Head though.

Check this webshop . Looks like a UK supplier for J-HEAD. smiling smiley
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