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Anchor Speed

Posted by wjdhamilton 
Anchor Speed
July 09, 2012 06:30PM
Hello Everyone,

I just realised this is the Rep Rap forum - I have a makerbot - so I'm feeling a bit silly right now.

Anyway, assuming you won't escort me out of the building in disgust I have a small RepG/Skeinforge problem I would appreciate some help with.

I have been printing with the new accelerated default settings, but I would like to slow down the initial anchor move from the starting point to the model since the extruder is moving too quickly and makes a mess of the initial perimeter. I thought that using the limit plugin would resolve this problem and initially it did but after restaring RepG the whole model seems to print too slowly. I had to restart RepG because after I activated limit it moved the model half off the build platform. I also have the Speed plugin activated with first layer multipliers set to 0.5.

Anyway, does anyone know how to slow down the anchor line?
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