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Perfactory Machine: Can we make one?

Posted by makeit 
hello there,

I came across this forum by chance. This seems very interesting and it would be nice to see if you guys can put it together, I'd sure would like to have one for myself!

I saw this envision standard zoom machine recently, the tray that holds the resin is made of clear silicone rubber, and the platform that the tray is sitting on looks like its hinged on 2 sides and jointed on the other 2 sides, which it can create a tilting motion so that the cured resin can pull away from the silicone tray and more resin materials can flow in underneath ready for the next layer.
I forgot to add:

the cheapest resin I've been told for the envision perfactory standard zoom machine is a yellow colored resin, cost around $240 - $250 more or less depends where you get them I guess.
and the light bulb cost about $1500 to replace
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