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Kapton Tape

Kapton Tape
August 24, 2012 01:38PM
I'm using Kapton Tape to connect a thermistor to a hotend and I was told to go with Grainger to make sure I get the real stuff and not the imitation (http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/DUPONT-Kapton-Film-3ZVK2?Pid=search)

But, the grainger site seems to only have the non-adhesive Kapton Film. I need an adhesive tape that can perform at high temperatures, does any one have a recommendation for a good place to pick this up? Thanks for any help.
Re: Kapton Tape
August 24, 2012 02:03PM
MakerFarm sells what they refer to as Kapton tape. I can't say it's the original Dupont product or not, nor whether you're located on this side of the pond, but for what it's worth...

EDIT: in any case, thanks for reminding me. I just ordered a roll.

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Re: Kapton Tape
August 25, 2012 07:55AM
Some kapton tape has acyrlic adhesive and some silicone adhesive. The silicone is good to higher temps...around 500F if memory serves. Acyrlic, significantly less. Something to pay attention to when buying.
Re: Kapton Tape
August 27, 2012 12:53AM
I can vouch for the kapton tape you can find on ebay. It's fairly inexpensive too.
Re: Kapton Tape
August 27, 2012 01:08AM
@mars_bonfire, thanks for that pointer. I'll have to check it when it comes in for Dupont markers and/or send a query to the folks at MakerFarm for specifics, but either way I wasn't aware that some was intended for lower temp ranges. Well I hope it's viable, since I was planning to adhere insulation to my j-head using it. In fact, I guess I ought to send of a note before I go to sleep tonight
Re: Kapton Tape
August 27, 2012 12:47PM
Based on my dealings with Makerfarm (all were great!) I'd think the kapton tape he sells is the correct one.

I've also bought it from McMaster. 7648A716 - 2" x 5yds, 7648A713 - 1/2" x 5yds.

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Re: Kapton Tape
August 27, 2012 11:01PM
Great, thanks everyone.
Re: Kapton Tape
August 28, 2012 02:31AM
something else to try that ill be selling soon and i find is much better

ptfe/teflon heat shrink to protect the ptfe coated wire and then use 300C heatproof silicon to get it in nice and secure. then you wrap around with 10mm kapton tape to make a nice thermal wrap

same with your resistor as well
Re: Kapton Tape
August 28, 2012 06:17PM
Kapton is a brand name of Dupont for polyimide tape, so you don't necessarily need the Kapton name to get a good quality product. As was mentioned earlier, just ensure that it has a silicone based adhesive to handle the heat!

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