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MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)

Posted by Enlightx 
MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
September 30, 2012 08:16AM
As they have started shipping and people are getting theres and using them (i got mine couple of days back)

wondering what X Carraige people are using with there reprap for these?

was just looking at mine on the desk and noticed they are very very short and its going to struggle to reach the bed with my current x-carraige

any ideas? ideally hoping for a compatible richrap quick change but by the looks on how short this is thats not gonna happen will be lucky to get a normal carriage to work with it
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
September 30, 2012 11:29AM
I'm in the same position. The build was quite straightforward but I can't see any way of using this extruder on my current Mendel90 X carriage because it is so short it won't be able to reach the bed. I'm quite happy to put it to one side and save it for MyNext3dPrinter but I would also be very interested to see how other people are using theirs.
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
September 30, 2012 11:32AM
Still waiting for mine to be delivered.....

But when I do get it, I'll try to work out a quick change system ASAP.

Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
September 30, 2012 03:28PM
I would think the best way to go is to use a vertical X axis so the extruder could be below/next to the carriage.

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Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 01, 2012 01:26AM
richrap Wrote:
> Still waiting for mine to be delivered.....
> But when I do get it, I'll try to work out a quick
> change system ASAP.

You da man rich.

Any chance we might ply you for a version that works on a Huxley Pro (vert x-axis)?

You don't know THE POWER of the VERTICAL CARRIAGE!

Come to the Dark Side Rich! WE HAVE COOKIES!!!

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Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 01, 2012 05:38AM
i was thinking about this last night while mind was racing away while trying to sleep

i dont think we will ever get a quick change for this as its just wayyyy to short a nozzel may get luckly with a super thin x carraige.

i was thinking and dont think iv seen it before.

maybe we would use an x carriage and mount the extruder on the under side?

will loose some Z Height but with new reprap deisngs having much more free Z Height might not be an issue.

might have a go at making a quick and ugly x carriage tonight to give it a look see
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 01, 2012 02:29PM
just wired up this extruder (having problems getting the filament to match the exit hole) and it might just be possible to use a quick change carriage for 1 of these extruders.

maybe using some sort of clamp over the top of the extruders you get about 3mm of the nozzel out then which just about works.

thing that worries me is that this extruder gets hot even the motor gets warm might not work with normal printed if extruder gets very hot.

to any one who has one of these are you fans silly loud ?
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 01, 2012 09:47PM
Im working through similar issues with one as well.

The supplied fan on the heatsink is nice and quiet.

Official support is being offered on a different forum, here [www.fabric8r.com]

Interested to see anyone who has theirs printing nicely how much impression your extruder is making in the filament. Last night got to a point too late in the night to actually test extrusion where I was getting filament out like this

This was after spending much time adjusting everything and the motor stalling everytime I applied much force to the grub screw that forces the filament onto the extruder gear. I upped the stepper driver power to a point that both the driver and motor got hot and the motor was no longer stalling when i tightened the grub screw. Then spent the rest of the night attaching fans to the ramps and stepper motors, so didnt get to a point where I could test it was working, but feel quietly confident, with this much grip on pla filament that it will now extrude.

Interesting side note, ealrier in the night I was checking the transition zone from hot to cold, and ghad a fan directed at the black block the extruder mounts to, this kept temperatures down to only a couple of degrees over ambient, without this fan the temperature on the extruder side of the break was getting over 30 degrees.

Hope this helps or sheds some light

Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 02, 2012 01:20PM
I have gotten some nice prints out of the extruder, but it took a while to get it tuned. I attached an example of me tuning it. Note that should be a 50mm tower but it is only 30mm because my Z steps per mm was set wrong. The printer is a repstrap.

I found that in bigger prints, the tension screw comes loose. I know that because I have been leaving the allen wrench in the extruder and over the couse of a print is will very slowly turn, and the extruder will start to skip. So I have to tighen it a couple of times if I am printing something bigger.

I did take the set screw out about 100 times while tuning it so I may have worn the threads some.

The next biggest help to skipping issues I had, was to make sure the filament is feed from directly overhead. I found that if the filament is being pulled in at an angle the extruder can start to skip.

open | download - IMAG0492.jpg (191 KB)
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 02, 2012 02:25PM
this extruder is going my head in lol im about ready to just sell the 2 of them

just such a pain to change filament and the tension screw either puts too little or too less so cannot get even push.

what esteps are you guys running at ?

also one of my nlyon peices are just drilled useless and im gonna have to return it the filament hole just drilled on a slant so 1 side is way off to the left leaving a gapp and other side has no hole at all so filament does not push out past nylon
Re: MBE Extruder (The Kickstarter Extruder)
October 02, 2012 05:53PM
From the kickstarted website:

1) If you are not using our supplied motor, be sure that it has at least 2800g/cm of torque, that it is receiving adequate current and that the UHMW block is attached tightly.

2) The motors we supply only require 1.2A. It may be necessary to turn down the pots on your stepper drivers if you are used to using the common Kysan 1.5A steppers. Overheating your stepper motor is not a good thing.

3) The filament drive gear drives 5.83519mm of filament per complete rotation for calibration purposes.

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