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where can i find the files?

Posted by tegtech 
where can i find the files?
November 09, 2012 09:47AM
hello I'm looking for the part files for the reprap mendel, where can I find that?
would be even better if I could find some drawings since I may wanna machine some of the parts (instead of printing them)
please help me with tah smiling smiley
is the parts accessable in a form that can be opened in a 3d designing program i.e. Google sketchUp or Autodesk Inventor?? (possibly convertable and importable smiling smiley )
Re: where can i find the files?
November 09, 2012 10:52AM
The original Mendel? Not too many people work with that design since the improved Prusa version was designed. The reprap wiki page for the prusa mendel has a link right to the github sources.

The parts are designed in openscad, but STLs are available which can be imported into many programs. Be prepared though, there are many different versions of some parts, and it's not well documented which ones are for which purpose. The design part is great for this version, organization of the github, not so much. For example, the x idlers and motor mounts for the lm8uu version in plate1.stl are different from the standalone versions in the same directory. Which one is better? I guess that's an exercise for the reader. In my experience it's a lot of trial and error figuring out which parts you want.
Re: where can i find the files?
November 09, 2012 11:25AM
sorry ment the prusa, so that makes your answer even better, thank you
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