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Cant turn off temp

Posted by GITRDUN 
Cant turn off temp
November 20, 2012 12:37PM
My J-head hot end all of a sudden burned up the resistor and temp probe. I put in a new resistor and probe and noticed now my Ramps 1.4 board will not shut off the temperature either manually in Pronterface or when a print ends. It will heat up to the correct temp and prints fine but when the print is over the temp will very slowly rise continously to the point of overheating. When i send an M104 S0 command the light on the ramps board stays lit, i checked for voltage coming out of the ramps board and it has voltage when it shouldnt.

I have an electronics guru that works for me and can probably fix the board, but does anyone know specificly what chip on the board might be at fault?

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