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Slic3r comparison

Posted by tmorris9 
Slic3r comparison
December 18, 2012 05:53AM
So I was digging the new slic3r because some prints looked a lot better than even 0.7.2b (the gold standard). But then I ran into the infill bug where you can't print something with a hole down the center (like an open picture frame) as it will try to do random weird infills once every 3-5 layers.

Well it looks like it also does not like cylinders in general that are hollow except the bottom (like a cup). You can see from the photo that it has some weird pimples inside and out (though mostly inside) as well as a ladder print (rows of pimples) where the layer would change. The settings in both were the same with 2mm retraction.

If you are making something flat that has details (like the side of a weighted companion cube) then 0.9.7 does a cleaner job. But anything open hollow, forget it.
open | download - Slic3r-comparison.jpg (47.3 KB)
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