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I just ordered my printrbot + parts any ideas?

I just ordered my printrbot + parts any ideas?
January 28, 2013 12:30AM
I just ordered my printrbot + parts. I got all the printed parts as well as the wades geared extruder. I have the rods 8mm and 12mm for the z axis. I have a bunch of steppers and other random parts. I want to know if anyone can reccomend a good self build hotend for this setup. Also any tips for the build and configuration would greatly be appreciated. I started building a 3d printer from homemade parts but I found the printrbot stuff for litterally a few bucks, so all my attention will be transferred to this build. Once i get the printrbot mostly together i want to custom fab an acrylic setup and find a way to secure the z axis. I am also going to build an enclosure which will probably be laser cut wood and acrylic doors n windows. Thanks for your time and opinions.
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