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Sears CompuCarve

Posted by HanClinto 
Sears CompuCarve
October 24, 2008 04:26PM
I was reading about the Ponoko reprap today -- that sounds like a really neat option. However, the high cost of cutting is somewhat discouraging.

However, I found an interesting Sears product today that is piquing my interest. Has anyone else ever heard of the Sears CompuCarve, or thought about using it to make Darwin repstraps?

It looks like it has similar manufacturing capabilities as the Ponoko, and it could possibly use the same (or converted) plans. Also, it seems to be able to work in 3 dimensions, so you wouldn't be quite as limited in object design as in the Ponoko prints.

Sears has refurbished units available for $1500:

Is it reasonable to think that an enterprising person (such as myself) could offer the Ponoko-patterned cuts in plywood for maybe half the cost of a Ponoko version? As long as I could return a chunk of my investment in the CompuCarve, I think I could be willing to front the cost if other people in the community would be interested in plywood-cut pieces for their RepStraps at a lower cost than Ponoko.

The site also says that CompuCarve can mill some plastics (polycarbonate or cast acrylic), so if someone wanted plastic parts, that wouldn't be out of the question either.

Re: Sears CompuCarve
October 25, 2008 02:48AM
Looks like it is very possible.
Depends of course on the people willing to order from you....
I'd start taking back orders before considering buying something so expensive.

Plus if you ask people for a deposit, that helps you with buying the machine in the first place.
(a deposit seems to be a very reasonable request to me in this case)

check this website out:

Good luck!
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