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Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!

Posted by Tornadoboy 
Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!
October 26, 2008 09:45PM
Hi there, I'm a newbie so be kind!

I was just wondering if anyone here has considered trying to make use of the online virtual community known as "Second Life" for the REPRAP project?

For those whom aren't familiar with SL it's akin to what author Neal Stephenson had envisioned in his book "Snowcrash", which is about a futuristic Internet virtual world where people interact and explore 3-D realms while interacting with other real people through avatars. SL is not quite as advanced as in the book but it's still pretty amazing and I think it is showing a lot of potential.

How I think this could relate to the REPRAP project is because I could see someone setting up a virtual store like many SL'ers have except it could sell and/or give away the computer files for constructing things on a REPRAP machine, and one could check out each potential item in the virtual world as a 3-D object they could walk around and manipulate before actually creating it in real life.

Perhaps this is kind of a cheesy idea but I think taking something directly out of a virtual 3-D world and making into a real thing that you can hold in your hand is something right out of Star Trek, and since SL is growing and already has thousands of users it might be good way for REPRAP to become better known.

I can see a lot of diehard SL'ers REALLY wanting to either buy or build REPRAPs once they become aware of what they can do.

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Re: Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!
October 26, 2008 10:29PM
I frankly don't see why the hell not.

I've been using my Reprap to build the parts for 3D scanner that I've designed that is capable of developing a three-dimensional map of the inside of buildings, the notion being that with such a device the boundary between meatspace and virtual worlds could be considerably blurred if one so chose.
Re: Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!
October 27, 2008 09:55AM
that's a pretty good idea. Hadn't thought of SL in a while...may be something interesting to try.

Re: Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!
October 27, 2008 01:22PM
Between having a REPRAP and a 3-D scanner, in a primative way it would be the ultimate interface with the virtual world, the ability to send something real into cyberspace and alternatively something that is only fantasy out into reality.

The possibilities just make one's head spin!

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Actually, this has already been done. The online role-play game World of Warcraft has had the option (I believe it's still available) to automatically export your characters model and textures to a company that will then print it out on one of their full-color, commercial, 3D printers as a figurine. It sounds like an awesome business concept, especially if you could cut the cost of the 3D printer as the Reprap project is trying to do. Of course, it looks like we're a ways away from full-color printing as of yet.
Re: Second Life and REPRAP - potential new playground!
October 28, 2008 09:20PM
Its something I've been very heavily looking into, insofar as creating in-game models with a Z-Corp. It seems that a few startups are giving it a crack. It's only just taking hold.
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