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Thinking about building a prusa v2

Posted by tattooedfish 
Thinking about building a prusa v2
February 01, 2013 03:28AM
I have been reading for weeks now about 3d printing and ive decided after several youtube videos about a makerfarm prusa v2 I want one.

I am looking for suggestions/sites to order from that will help keep cost down yet maintain quality. I don't want to buy something to turn around and realize that i waisted money when i could have done something better.

I have so far sourced the ramps 1.4 diy kit for 50.00 already had the arduino so that saves me some, I ordered the pololu motor drivers directly from there site. I was going to do ebay hong kong but I wanted the machine to have a good controller foundation.

The rest of the parts however im cluelss on. where I should order from, I have no trouble putting it together myself. Honestly thats half the fun to me. I was looking at purchasing each part seperatly but im wondeirng if id be better off just getting all in one place and calling it a day.

Im located in USA but not finding to many other sites that seem to have price/quality much better than makerfarm
I ordered a kit from makerfarm yesterday and it's scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I went the kit route for my first one as I figured that would be easier to get started and then I can upgrade it over time and use the parts from the kit to build a second one or sell them on eBay so the money isn't a waste.

If you decide not to go the kit route, here's some directions/BOM for the Prusa V2: [www.reprap.org])
Re: Thinking about building a prusa v2
February 01, 2013 06:07PM
Thanks I will go look at that. I may just order the kit and call it a day the only nice thing about going.the.other.route is I'm having to save up for it so its nice to be able to order a part here part there to keep me from having.to wait for.it all at once
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