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Replicator clone---->ramp1.4+marlin setting problem

Posted by okaman 
Replicator clone---->ramp1.4+marlin setting problem
February 02, 2013 12:44PM
Hi reprap people, last month i bought makebot replicator clone non assembly kit from china. Why i bought non-assembly? Because i want to study 3d printer but i grilled my mightyboard cause of thermocouple was short circuit. T_T 200us gone!!! i mean only main board
after i ask some people in this forum my next electronic is RAMP1.4+LCD+MK2A that i bought from gadget3d.com
i plan to use marlin firmware because of many people use it.
first problem that i found is MK2A is not fit with replicator build platform but this problem i fixed it by mod the build platform
but now im stuck at this point i really dont know how to setting my new electronic to match with my platform
i mean in marlin. Can anyone please explain step by step?
how i can setting my electronic to match with my mechanic or just give me a idea, link,.....etc.
your liltle help would be welcome and thankyou in advance.

"i want to print my 1st print"lol
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